Helping Your Customers Take Flight

\"AirBy now, the Canadian POS Corporation Blog has listed countless reasons why your business should accept credit and debit cards as methods of payment. And there’s bound to be many more! That’s because the list of benefits to merchants continues to grow. Canadian shoppers simply love paying for their purchases using plastic. The convenience alone is reason enough.

But we’ve also mentioned how much added value your business adds to each transaction when a credit card is used to pay at the register. Yes, you’re making life easier for your customers. However, you’re also giving them the added benefit of earning rewards points. There are numerous credit cards out there that offer rewards points for spending, and many of them are redeemed for travel.

“I’ve gone on two flights and rented a car for free because of my rewards points,” commented one of our colleagues earlier this week, “It just makes sense. Why not get more for what your spending? You’re going to spend the money anyways, you may as well get something extra for it. Spending cash gets you nothing but what you pay for. Putting things on credit gets you freebies. It’s a no brainer!”

On, this point is furthered. Credit cards truly do provide your customers with added benefits. So when you accept such methods of payment, you’re literally helping them to take flight! How cool is that? “From airline miles to hotel discounts and vacation packages; rewards credit cards help you make the most of your next getaway,” says the website. also points out that most credit cards also offer their customers more than just rewards points that can be redeemed for free travel. They also often provide car rental or flight coverage. Imagine paying for a flight or car rental without a credit card these days. You’d be missing out on some very important insurance benefits. Cash can pay for such services, but why would you when you don’t have to?

“If you plan on renting a car during your trip, you may be able to forgo the added expense of secondary rental insurance and use your credit card\’s built-in car rental coverage,” reports the site, “Most credit cards will cover collision repair if you rent the car with your card and decline the car company\’s insurance. Coverage varies and limitations apply so make sure to check with your issuer.”

It should also be noted that credit cards are commonly known as the safest ways to pay for purchases when people are on vacation. When someone visiting the country comes in to your place of business, it’s best that they don’t have to go digging for Canadian currency. They will likely feel that it’s unsafe to carry cash on their persons anyways. Therefore, allowing them to use credit makes buying from you a breeze. mentions that many credit cards offer no foreign transaction fees. This makes travelling a whole lot easier. It also makes your life a whole lot easier when visitors to Canada want to visit your store. We’re guessing you don’t accept cash from other countries. But we’re also sure that accepting a credit card – no matter what nation it originates from – is just fine.

To begin accept credit cards today, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884.

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