Helping Your Food Truck To Have Its Hottest Summer Ever


It’s officially food truck season! If you’re the owner of a food truck business, you’re undoubtedly full of glee over the fact that summer is now in full effect. With many warm and sunny days ahead of us, it’s unquestionable that this is the best time of year for your food truck business.

However, it’s imperative you don’t simply assume that customers will approach your truck wherever it’s parked. Remember that you have a lot of competition out there and food trucks are always vying for top-notch locations to set up. You’ll have to take some steps to help your food truck have its hottest summer ever.

Be sure to take part in special events.

It goes without saying that summer is a time of year when there are countless outdoor events taking place. Be there! It’s just that simple. Find out where the most happening events are taking place in the coming weeks and be sure to get your food truck on location. The food truck business thrives on live events. Don’t just set up shop on a random street each day. Be where the people are!

“Local events and exhibitions provide you with the opportunity of increasing your revenue,” explains B2B Connect Edmonton, “This is where having a food truck business can be highly effective as you are able to go to different events held in your locality and serve customers. By attending such events you increase your visibility and get more customers.”

Get on Instagram.

We’d argue that Instagram just might be the most popular social media platform out there today. People love pictures and videos. And we’d also argue that one of the best ways to tantalize taste buds is to post pictures of all of the delicious eats your food truck offers on Instagram.

“Instagram has proven that people love looking at pictures of puppies and food,” writes Elizabeth Kelly on, “Take time to get some quality photographs of your food and make an effort on the platform. And as with other social channels, get involved on Instagram with events and businesses using hashtags, check-ins, and tags.”

Go the wireless way.

“In the modern age, everyone has a smartphone,” B2B Connect Edmonton reminds us, “Since food truck business is mobile that is, you can go from one place to another; you can make use of mobile/smartphones to increase revenue. Keep the option of ordering through mobile phones.”

Always keep in mind that food truck businesses have the distinct pleasure of being able to serve people wherever they may be. In other words, you don’t need to wait for people to find your restaurant. It’s your job to find the people. As a result, you can’t rely on archaic POS terminals to accept credit card and debit card payments. It’s all about going wireless. And whatever you do, do NOT put up a “cash only” sign! You’re practically yelling at customers to turn away.

Contact Canadian POS to find out how the revolutionary wireless Poynt Smart Terminal can help your food truck business to have its hottest summer ever! Call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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