How Can Canadian Retailers Boost Back-To-School Sales Online?


In our last blog, we highlighted the fact that back-to-school sales have the ability to be strong long after the kids have re-entered their classrooms. For the most part, the back-to-school shopping season is believed to span the month of August.

Now, with August behind us and the first day of school having passed us as well, some make the mistake of thinking that the back-to-school shopping season is over.

The truth is that students, parents and teachers all require particular goods and services during this time of year – in a big way. And, as we pointed out in our last blog, merchants who make their products available on their websites stand to maximize their profits.

But what steps should be taken to boost back-to-school sales online?

Be sure to highlight the fact you sell school supplies.

This one is kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it? It’s important to be mindful of the products that are high sellers during this time of year. According to Melody McKinnon on, the Bank of Montreal conducted a Post-Secondary Student Survey in 2014 and found that those items include textbooks and school supplies (students will spend between $800 – $1200 on these items), technology-related products (between $1000 – $1600) and new clothes (between $300 to $500).

She goes on to note that these items can become even bigger sellers if online retailers offer special perks that come along with making online purchases. Such perks should include free or low flat-rate shipping, bonus items that come free with the purchases, contest entries, online discounts and coupons (that can be printed for use in physical store locations) and price-matching policies.

Discounts and free shipping go a long way.

Grant Thomas definitely agrees with the discounts and free shipping strategy. On, he explains that competition is always high during busy shopping seasons including back-to-school. Because shoppers are always on the hunt for bargains, it’s wise to offer promo codes so they’re aware that discounts are available on your company’s website.

“Offering discounts caters to those price shoppers and converts them into buyers,” Thomas believes, “Also, shipping costs are a common reason for cart abandonment. Simply offering free shipping could be the difference in making a sale versus losing that sale to a competitor.”

Take measures to reduce abandoned carts.

Thomas highlights the importance of reducing cart abandonments. It’s literally the last step of the online purchasing process, so business owners should certainly try to make it easy for customers to complete. He offers up the following solution.

“Present a promo code to abandoning shoppers using an exit pop up,” advises Thomas, “This will grab their attention while also providing an incentive to purchase in that same visit. The top reason for cart abandonment is high price of shipping and the overall cart value. By presenting a promo code for free shipping or a discount, you can eliminate the temptation to abandon. Adding this safety net gives you one last chance at a sale while also fulfilling the potential abandoner’s needs.”

Are you taking steps to boost your back-to-school sales online?

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