How Important Is Your Computer To Your Business?


Okay, we admit it. The title of today’s blog may be one of the silliest questions that can be asked in today’s business world. It’s 2018. Without a computer of some kind, you practically can’t run your business at all! Between all of the emails you send and receive, the graphic design work needed to complete the branding for your company and the ability of your staff to boost productivity, computer usage is an absolute necessity for all businesses.

Computers are huge time savers.

Although it may seem a bit ridiculous to even list the number of benefits computer usage has in 2018, it’s important to note that it wasn’t all that long ago that typewriters were the norm. Okay, maybe the 1970s was a long time ago. However, many professionals still have it in their memories that computers couldn’t always be taken for granted. The ability to edit, save and print files changed the way business was conducted.

“Previously, companies used typewriters for reports where redactions were made on various pages,” informs Rick Suttle on, “These pages then needed to be retyped until the report was error free. Managers then needed to copy the reports and mail them to employees in different cities. Consequently, the report writing process took much longer with a typewriter than a computer.”

Computers ensure accuracy.

Can you imagine being off even one decimal point when making calculations related to the revenue your company generates? Adding and subtracting profits and losses by hand is not only an incredibly taxing practice, but it lends itself to countless errors. As long as numbers are typed in correctly, computers don’t make mathematical mistakes. This is huge for any company’s bottom line.

“It is impossible for a computer to make an error in calculation, whereas humans frequently make mathematical mistakes,” notes Andy Walton on, “Removing human error decreases the chances of a business making a costly mistake in its figures. For example, a business\’s budgeting spreadsheet may have to take into account a huge range of financial factors and run to several pages. As long as the spreadsheet is created correctly, a computer performs the calculations accurately in a matter of seconds.”

Computers can be transformed into point-of-sale terminals.

Okay, enough with the obvious, right? The point has been made that computers have changed the business world over the past few decades. This is a point that was likely driven home a long time ago. However, there is a benefit of computers that you may not have been made aware of yet. Your computer can take payments quickly and securely, anywhere and at any time without a major investment of money or effort.

Canadian POS Corporation proudly offers Converge (formerly Virtual Merchant) which turns any web-enabled PC into a cost-effective payment terminal! With this service, your computer can accept a full range of payment types including credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and gift cards. You can process transactions during physical face-to-face interactions or by mail order, telephone order and e-commerce transactions.

For more information about Converge, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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