How Is Verifone Reinventing The Payment Experience?

\"vx680_hand_card_pin_763\"In our last blog, we pointed out that wireless devices are all the rage these days. And although it can be argued that there are many wireless devices that have become necessities in today’s world, we listed smartphones, tablets and POS terminals as being some of the most important. Yes, wireless POS terminals are practically becoming a must in today’s business world. On the Verifone website, this is further explained.

It references a speech at the National Retail Federation’s 104th annual Big Show this past January, by Verifone president, Jennifer Miles. In it, she listed three ways that her company was reinventing the payment experience. They include securing payment systems, simplifying payments management and enhancing the shopping experience.

Securing Payment Systems. Fraud is a big deal in any industry. No one wants to be swindled out of money and, for years, identity theft and fraudulent charges were huge problems within the global marketplace. Thankfully, new technologies have implemented measures to prevent fraud from taking place. They include EMV “chip” cards that request PIN codes to be typed in by their users instead of having customers sign slips of paper.

But how does Verifone work to make payments more secure? According to their website, “Verifone provides a multi-layered approach to improve payment system security and eliminate payment card fraud by protecting the terminal, the card data, and the transaction with a semi-integrated payment architecture, secure EMV terminals, encryption and tokenization.”

Simplifying Payments Management. When customers pay with cash, there is an added burden placed on the merchant. And that is the fact that he/she must inevitably make a trip to the bank in order to deposit the funds earned through his/her cash sales. POS systems make the transferring of earnings to bank accounts so much easier. Verifone has utilized technologies that make the process easier than ever!

“Verifone removes the burden of payment complexity from retailers and ISV’s by removing payments from the POS, reducing payment integration points, simplifying payments compliance, managing the payment system with cloud-based estate management and providing payment solutions that can evolve as payment technology changes,” says the Verifone website.

Enhancing the Shopping Experience. We’ve often reported that customers today practically insist upon enjoyable shopping experiences. They don’t just want to locate quality products and services. They want to be able to enjoy the entire process of leaving their homes, interacting with others and feeling that their business is valued. POS systems allow for the checkout process to be a breeze.

The Verifone website speaks to the company’s ability to follow through on being able to help merchants provide such enjoyable experiences. “Verifone provides seamless and exceptional consumer payment experiences across stores, mobile and omni-channel commerce payments and our Commerce Platform enables clients to easily and securely deliver new consumer value added interactions,” it reads.

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