How Mobile Devices Are Changing The Way We Do Business


Here’s a challenge for you. Find someone who doesn’t own a mobile device. We’re willing to bet that this task will take up far more time than you’re willing to spend – if you were to actually take us up on the challenge. Forget heading to social media in order to locate your mobile device-less individual. The vast majority of social media users access their accounts on their mobile devices.

Perhaps, you can take a survey around your office. Again, finding an employee without a smartphone, we would venture to guess, will be next to impossible. So what does that mean for your business? Quite a lot actually! Mobile devices haven’t just revolutionized the ways in which we all communicate with each other. They have changed the way business owners conduct business on a daily basis.

Mobile devices improve the customer experience.

These days, consumers are well aware that there are various means of communication with the companies they do business with. Sure, they may pick up the phone and call or even send emails. But with so many companies developing apps for mobile devices, learning about new products and receiving customer service has been made easier than ever.

“Mobile apps have spawned an entirely new market for retailers,” informs John Smith on, “In addition to that, the real estate industry has also implemented this trend by introducing 3D mobile apps. These apps help in conveying the concept and the layout of a property to prospective buyers way before the construction process has even started.”

Mobile devices help business owners to save both time and money.

In our current digital world, many businesses have chosen to go green. Specifically, they are doing away with printed invoices and receipts and are sending such information to their customers digitally. As a result, companies save a lot of time (no more stuffing envelopes) and money (no more postage charges).

As Rob Waugh of The Telegraph in the U.K. puts it, “mobile solutions can shave hours off regular tasks, with apps replacing forms, cloud solutions replacing resource-heaving local filing and scanning and imaging functions helping keep customer or supply chain-focused staff out in the field.”

Mobile devices improve marketing campaigns.

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These are just two examples of ways to incorporate mobile devices into your marketing campaigns. “Mobile marketing has gained momentum recently with more and more customers turning to their mobile devices for their requirements,” says Smith, “Additionally, offering free WiFi to customers can help in collecting valuable customer data which can then be utilised to provide personalised services to them.”

Mobile devices can allow you to accept payments anywhere, any time!

Now you can accept payments without boundaries and add incremental value with VirtualMerchant Mobile. This revolutionary payment solution transforms mobile devices into terminals, allowing you to accept credit card and debit card payments quickly and securely anywhere, any time without a major investment of money or effort. VirtualMerchant Mobile is an innovative offering for businesses of any size that want more than just a mobile payment solution from their payment providers.

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