How Selling Gift Cards Boosts Your Overall Sales


It’s widely recognized that gift card sales soar during the holiday season. And while this is certainly true, it’s important to remember that there are reasons to buy gifts all year long. Consider the fact that birthdays, anniversaries and graduations happen all throughout the year. Of course, you also have other celebrations such as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day – the latter takes place in just a few days!

Gift cards draw shoppers into your store.

Make no mistake about it. Gift cards provide the easiest of shopping experiences. When consumers aren’t quite sure about what to get their loved ones, gift cards are usually the go-to choices. And that’s because gift cards give their recipients whatever they like. These amazing little rectangular pieces of plastic are highly regarded as some of the most sought-after gifts in the market. By selling them, you automatically intrigue more shoppers to visit you.

“Think of gift cards as valuable low-hanging fruit,” says, “When set up correctly and targeted to the right customer, they practically do the work for you. Something as simple as gift cards has the ability to ramp up sales and can ultimately add a nice boost to your bottom line.”

Promote your gift cards as ideal gifts.

It would be wise to inform your customer base that you have gift cards for sale. Making it clear makes it a lot easier for them to choose your store to find gifts for their loved ones. Consider again the fact that drawing customers into your store is step number one. Obviously, shoppers are free to peruse your items as possible selections for gifts. However, if they’re not sure which items would make the best gifts, they can always rely on your gift cards.

On, Yair Miron insists that merchants present their gift cards as ideal gifts. “Once you have your gift cards, present them on-site as the ideal gift: personal and always appreciated by the recipient,” he writes, “After all, if you gift your loved one with a specific item, he or she will know you put thought into it, but s/he may not always like the gift.”

Presentation is everything.

It’s not enough to simply advertise that you sell gift cards. It’s important to put them up on vibrant displays. No visitor to your store should leave unaware that you had gift cards available for sale. The same can be said for every visitor of your website. As notes, both your in-store display and website images should make clear your gift card availability.

“Placement of physical cards is important, so think about your store setup and whether signage and a location next to the register might help you maximize gift card sales,” advises the site, “If you’re selling online, make sure you create a gift card section in the main navigation on your site. The more visible your gift cards, the better positioned you are for success.”

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