How To Attract Patrons To Your Restaurant This Labour Day Weekend


As you’re surely aware, this coming weekend is the Labour Day long weekend. It’s a time of year that many Canadians look forward to all summer long. Even though it represents the end of the summertime, it’s a long weekend holiday that most people really enjoy. Perhaps it’s because they know that, with school starting in the first week of September, Labour Day weekend is a final chance to party hard!

For business owners, Labour Day weekend also offers a special opportunity. Because so many people will be utilizing the holiday to enjoy what’s left of their summers, they will be in spending moods. If you’re a restaurant owner, this is great news! It’s no secret that people who are looking to have a good time want to eat and drink. How can you attract patrons to your restaurant this Labour Day weekend?

Offer customers a “last chance” to enjoy your summer menu.

As mentioned, the Labour Day long weekend is seen as a “final chance” type of event. It’s the last chance to soak in the summertime and for many, the last chance they’ll have to party before heading back to school. On, Jessica Reimer recommends that you offer “last chance” specials to those who attend your restaurant this weekend.

“Giving away a free appetizer or seasonal cocktail can be a great way to burn through excess inventory, and the ‘get it before it’s gone’ messaging plays to the popular psychological principle known as FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out),” she writes.

Offer Happy Hour specials.

What’s a long weekend without a celebration? Let your visitors know that, when they choose to party at your place of business this weekend, they will be able to take advantage of some great specials. On, Silvia Lilly suggests that you offer $5 off during Happy Hour on a purchase of $15 or more on Labour Day.

“Happy hour is an opportunity for guests to receive a discount on their favourite menu items,” she writes, “Guests will love to get their hands on anything that will save them even more money. I suggest you only offer this promotion to those who order food items. Alcohol is your money maker and most restaurants do not offer extra discounts on alcohol.”

Hold a kid-friendly back-to-school night for families.

As we pointed out, school starts next week. The forthcoming Labour Day weekend is the perfect time to cater to kids who are heading back into the classroom. Since the transition back to school can be hard for many young people, it may be wise to offer a Labour Day promotion that will help relieve some meal prep pressures for families, says Reimer.

 “The more filled seats, the better,” she points out, “Obviously, this one depends on the kind of restaurant you’re operating; toddlers aren’t a great fit for a rowdy pub, but mom and dad might enjoy a special “parents night out” to celebrate their kids heading back to class.”

Allow patrons to pay at the table.

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