How To Boost Online Sales During The Spring


It may not feel like it yet, but we’re officially in the month when the spring season begins! In fact, we’re just a mere two weeks away from the official start of spring. This year, the spring equinox is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20th. Even though the weather may not be as warm as we would want, the end of winter is certainly drawing near.

You may be under the impression that warmer weather means a decline in online sales. After all, it’s a lot more convenient to make purchases online when cold temperatures and heavy snowfall provide excellent reasons to stay indoors. Yes, people do tend to go out more often when the weather is warm. However, your company’s online sales don’t have to suffer. In fact, there are numerous ways to boost your online sales during the spring.

Don’t ignore the holidays and special occasions.

The springtime is host to a variety of widely celebrated occasions. You’d be wise to launch advertising campaigns that commemorate them. Take Easter, for example. This year, Easter long weekend is set to begin on April 19th, which is Good Friday. As Judit Pal of OptiMonk reveals, many people consider Easter to be the most important e-commerce holiday after Christmas. She offers a number of Easter-themed marketing ideas for your online shop.

“Create a free eBook that’s a cookbook including the best Easter recipes, or a guide to the best Easter party, then offer it as a download to visitors who sign up for your email list,” she suggests, “Make an Easter basket of your less popular products and sell them at a discount. This can help you clear out old inventory and your visitors will be happy to get items on their ‘wishlist’ for less.”

Make Mother’s Day marketing a big part of your spring to-do list, as well. Pal reminds us that the annual celebration of mothers is another popular e-commerce sales holiday in spring. “I recommend you start your campaign one week before Mother’s Day and each day offer a new gift idea at a discount for your visitors,” she writes, “This gives your visitors a reason to return to your site every day – to get some inspiration for a gift and to use the discount.”

Post product videos.

There are few things more effective than videos in the world of attracting the attention of internet users. As Neil Patel explains on, professional product photos are great, but product videos are generally more effective in getting customers to put more merchandise in their virtual shopping carts.

“According to one case study, incorporating product videos increased the likelihood of a purchase by 144 percent,” he reveals, “You don’t have to create a video for every product you sell. You could focus on your one or two bestsellers. Additionally, depending on whether you’re a product- or service-oriented business, you could create explainer, demo, how-to, or testimonial videos.”

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