How To Ensure Your Employees Remain Loyal


One of the biggest problems that many Canadian business owners have is high employee turnover. It is quite costly to have to continually hire and train employees in order to fill the voids left by former employees who have quit their jobs. The importance of employee satisfaction should never be underestimated. It’s vital that you take regular steps towards making your working environment a fun and inviting one.

Don’t neglect the importance of company culture.

What is company culture? Essentially, it comes down to how well the various members of your staff are able to mesh and work together. It also involves the atmosphere within which your employees work. Is it warm, friendly and comfortable? Do your workers feel at ease with sharing their opinions? Is your team made up of affable and approachable team players? To create a staff of loyal employees, it’s important that they enjoy where they work and who they work with.

“Company culture is really a combination of the personal interaction between management and employees and personal interaction between employees,” explains Chad Holverson on, “There is a certain amount of job competency that comes into play but generally it’s more about attitudes, personalities, and how well we all get along.”

Pay them what they deserve.

How long has it been since your employees got raises? As time passes, inflation makes it so that the costs of living continue to rise. Your staff members need to be compensated accordingly. As well, fair compensation ensures that your employees don’t feel like they are being taken advantage of. It’s no secret that people go to work in order to get paid. Make sure it’s worth your employees’ whiles, especially in comparison to other job opportunities out there.

According to Geoffrey James on the LinkedIn Talent Blog, “employees expect to be paid as much as they could earn doing the same job someplace else and they feel ‘de-valued’ when they\’re paid less. Employees also expect to be paid as much as their peers who are doing the same work, regardless of whether those peers are better at negotiating salaries.”

Make it easy for them to serve your customers.

Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction go hand in hand. It can be frustrating for workers when they aren’t given the proper tools to adequately fulfill the needs of your customers. Outdated equipment will not only disable your staff members from completing their tasks, but it can end up causing disputes between your customers and your staff.

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