How To Keep Gift Card Sales Hot All Summer


We’re well aware that the glorious summer season doesn’t officially get underway for another two months. However, there’s no reason to not begin planning your summer promotions right away! When it comes to gift cards, it’s important to not assume they are only hot sellers during the end-of-year holiday season. The summer provides ample opportunities for you to sell gift cards. So it’s vital that you put efforts into promoting them all summer long.

Launch gift card promotions surrounding the holidays.

Remember that the summertime is full of wonderful holiday celebrations. The Victoria Day long weekend, which is in May, is usually recognized as the unofficial start of summer. There’s bound to be plenty of parties and barbeques hosted by the families and friends of your customers where your gift cards will be most welcome. There’s also Canada Day and Labour Day to consider as well. And let’s not forget about the many weddings that will be taking place this summer!

“Gift cards are the most highly requested gift by recipients,” reminds Michael Chalberg of KORONA, “And they are the third most common gift purchased by consumers. Most of these purchases are surrounding the holidays and other important milestones.”

Offer gift cards as rewards.

One of the best ways to promote your business is to cater to the needs of your current customers. Reward the people who regularly support your brand and you’ll secure long-term loyalty. Offer your loyal customers free gift cards with their next purchases. But as Rich suggests on, you can also use gift cards as rewards for new customers.

“The best time for promotions is during the holidays, even the minor ones,” he points out, “Customers will be looking for good deals and you can offer them a small denomination promo gift card when they spend a certain amount on regular gift cards or store product. You can also offer your gift cards on social media since consumers increasingly turn to social media for gift ideas.”

Add value to your in-store purchases.

All summer long, come into our store to make a purchase of $50 or more and receive a FREE $10 gift card!

If you ask us, that’s an excellent way to boost gift card sales throughout the summer. Not only are you inspiring heavier traffic in your store, you’re working to secure repeat business. Naturally, a gift card is meant to have a customer or recipient return to your store to make another purchase.

“Many retailers offer small gift cards for purchases over a certain amount,” notes Chalberg, “Importantly, this means that the money is staying in your store…most consumers redeeming a gift card will spend more than the amount on the card, helping to negate the loss.”

At Canadian POS, our electronic gift cards have long proven to encourage repeat business, attract new customers and boost sales all year long. We’ve found that gift cards make the perfect solution to lay claim to your stake in a new era of consumer spending. Our electronic gift card solution maximizes stored value card sales with a complete package of marketing features.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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