How To Sell Electronic Gift Cards On Your Website


In 2020, getting consumers to purchase gift cards for use in your store is easier than ever. You no longer have to sell plastic rectangular cards. Although physical gift cards continue to be big sellers, you now have the opportunity to sell electronic gift cards – the non-physical type that can be purchased and redeemed on your company website.

By selling electronic gift cards, you give your online shoppers the ability to select any denomination of their choice for purchase.  Once purchased, an e-gift card is sent via email to the recipient. That recipient may then use the gift card on your website to make purchases. These revolutionary gift cards offer completely automated redemption processes and balance checking. So what are the best ways to maximize your electronic gift card sales on your website?

Immediately grab customer attention.

When consumers visit your website, they should know, right away, that e-gift cards are available through the site. According to, there are numerous ways to grab the attention of online shoppers. They include placing banners on your website pages. “Place the banner near the top of the page and use a colour different than the rest to grab their attention from the start,” the site advises.

It’s also wise to create a page specifically for your gift cards. That way, you can direct visitors towards making gift cards purchases when navigating through your website. also suggests using a pop-up. “You can create a pop-up message for your website that shows your gift card options,” the site notes, “For an added bonus, use this pop-up to offer a special discount for those who purchase a gift card from you online.”

Highlight the benefits of e-gift cards.

As mentioned, when visitors arrive on your company website, they should be given easy access to its electronic gift cards section. Ensure there is a clearly visibly tab at the top of the home page, alerting visitors to the section of your site where e-gift cards are available. Once there, they should be able to read about the many benefits of these great gifts.

Redemption is hassle-free. Recipients can redeem their gift cards using unique codes on all of the merchandise you have available online. As well, there are no expiration dates. This is known to significantly boost customer satisfaction. Purchasers also benefit from the fact that gift cards are automatically delivered electronically to recipients. It removes the hassle of having to ship anything to far-off locations.

Give some e-gift cards away.

Let’s suppose a curious online shopper visits your site and upon clicking the “electronic gift cards” tab, is rewarded with a $5 e-gift card. Chances are that person will end up spending the five dollars (and likely more). Not to mention, the free gift will likely turn that curious online shoppers into a fan of your brand. Who doesn’t like getting things for free?

By demonstrating how easy it is to purchase and redeem electronic gift cards, you will encourage shoppers to purchase them for their family and friends. For more information about the electronic gift cards available from Canadian POS, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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