Interac Making Strides In Protecting Their Customers

\"PadlockMany people like the idea of using credit cards and debit cards to protect themselves from loss, theft and fraud. Of course, these cards can always get lost or stolen. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s money is lost or stolen if this happens. Customers are often provided with protection against such losses from the companies that issue the cards. This is one of the reasons that credit cards are so popular among Canadian shoppers.

Debit cards, it should be mentioned, are not to be outdone. Although Interac has gone to great lengths to promote the use of its debit cards by convincing consumers to use their own money instead of borrowing, they too have protection modules in place. Their recently-released “Flash Security” feature is being promoted as one that protects customers, in much the same way that credit cards are known for.

“You go to great lengths to protect the ones you love,” says Interac, “We go to great lengths to protect your money. That’s why Interac Flash is protected with a $100 transaction limit, periodic PIN verification, and zero customer liability. Interac Flash: The fast, secure way to use your money.” Their new “Buddy” commercial, which can be seen below, is their most recent attempt to convey this message.

In the ad, a young woman is shown caring for her dog and then taking him to the vet. “You go to great lengths to protect the things you care about,” says the commercial’s narrator, “We go to great lengths to protect your money.” Reiterating the statement previously quoted, the commercial highlights the fact that Interac protects customers from unauthorized purchases. This is yet another reason why Canadians will only continue to grow to love using debit cards.

It’s important for Canadian business owners to keep in mind just how important it is for customers to protect themselves from fraud. Because they prefer to use plastic to pay for their purchases, as a result, merchants should be willing accept this method of payment. At Canadian POS Corporation, we know all too well that Canada is quickly becoming a “cashless society”. This trend has existed for years.

“I much prefer using my cards,” commented one of our associates earlier this week, “I’m glad that so many stores accept them now, because it makes paying for things so much easier. But, it is true that you feel more confident that you’re not going to lose any money when you only carry around your cards. Not only will I not lose my cash or have it stolen, but I know that if I lose my cards, that I can be protected from fraud.”

Of course, Interac Flash is just one of the newest innovations in customer protection. And you don’t have to be a dog lover, of course, to take advantage of its features. Interac seems to be well aware of that and, as such, they’ve also released a commercial that speaks to the needs of parents. Check it out below. Again, the point being made is that people protect what is important to them. And Interac protects your money – knowing just how important it is.

Are you accepting credit cards and debit cards at your place of business? With Canadian POS Corporation’s Countertop and Wireless terminals, you can accept all credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express – as well as Interac cards. For more information on how to start now or make an upgrade from your current provider, give us a call at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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