Is It Time To Start Work On A New Website Design?


Welcome to November! It’s the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season! With Halloween now behind us, you can bet that Christmas music will start filling the malls as shoppers do the same in order to locate their highly sought-after holiday gifts.

Let it be known, however, that shopping malls aren’t the only places people go to do their holiday shopping. This is the time of year when online sales go through the roof! Is your company taking advantage of the popularity of online shopping? To do so, you’ll need to make sure your company website is attractive and engaging. So…maybe it’s time to work on a new website design.

When is the last time you updated your homepage?

Naturally, your company website’s homepage is the first thing visitors see. So what does it say about your business? If the text, photos and images haven’t changed in years, your homepage is saying “Nothing much has changed about our business”. However, if it contains new information about products, services, events and even includes season-specific holiday imagery, it’s saying “We’re keeping very busy, come and check us out!”

“Gone are the days when word of mouth or fifty years of business guarantees new customers,” insists Kevin Hamstra of 1Eighty Digital, “A simple online search for your café menu or comparing options on products you sell is often the first point of customer contact. Nothing screams ‘behind the times’ like a stale or slow website design.  If your site is out-of-date what does that say about your business?” 

Does your site host any videos?

Is there a medium less intriguing than videos? In 2019 (soon to be 2020!), videos are all the rage. You’d be hard pressed to locate a popular social media platform (read: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) that doesn’t play host to a wide variety of videos. Your company website should be just as intriguing. Create a product video and make it playable on your homepage.

“According to stats, video viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video,” informs Reshu Rathi on, “For those who can afford it, it’s an easy way to improve conversions. And for those who can’t afford it for every product, they can at least create it for their top selling products, expensive products, as well as, products with higher revenue margins.”

Has your company added new products and services to its list of offerings lately?

You can’t introduce new products and services without updating your company website to inform the public. Neglecting your site in this way is a huge mistake. Information about your latest offerings should be among the first things visitors see when they log on to your site.

As Hamstra points out, “potential customers may be searching for something you offer but if it’s not on your website they often quickly move on to a competitor. Make sure you are providing correct and relevant information.”

Can your customers make purchases from you online?

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