It Pays To Accept MasterCard

\"MastercardCanadian POS Corporation provides merchants with high-quality payment processing equipment so that they may accept Visa, MasterCard and Interac among other cards as methods of payment. In other words, we don’t really discriminate within the world of plastic. As far as we’re concerned, it is to a merchant’s benefit to allow his or her customers the choices between which cards they choose to pay with.

In our last blog, we reviewed some of the key benefits to using Visa cards. Strangely, there are some merchants out there who prefer to accept one card over the other. But does that means that some cards are better than others? We think that’s up to your customers to decide. And this is why Canadian POS Corporation promotes the acceptances of all cards.

To be fair, however, we did some research to see what MasterCard had to say about the benefits to using its credit cards. You may notice that their benefits mirror some of those listed on Visa’s website. Nonetheless, we’ve decided to review the advantages that accepting MasterCard provides to business owners. As the website notes, “acceptance allows you to serve more customers, more efficiently.” But let’s take a closer look at how.

Deliver Better Service. Accepting MasterCard helps for business owners to provide faster checkout experiences. The “rapid authorization” process helps for customers to zip in and out of lines at the cashier. As with other credit card options, the use of MasterCard credit cards helps for you to move things along quickly and assure that your customers aren’t waiting in line behind others who are fumbling around for correct change.

Increase Customer Loyalty. When you allow your customers to make the choice as to what type of cards they prefer to pay with, you make their lives easier. And that always translates into one thing: they’ll keep coming back! As MasterCard’s website puts it, “customers are more likely to return to a business that offers several payment options.” Simply put, customer loyalty is a huge part of a small business’ success.

Reach New Customers. Loyal customers are the best. But you’ll likely never be against welcoming new customers to your business. With MasterCard, you’re able to participate in programs such as Easy Savings and other usage programs that will reach new customers and increase your sales. Customers love to use their credit cards for the added bonuses that usage brings them.

Leverage Brand Partnerships. People love being associated with greatness. And MasterCard’s website affirms that that is what is happening when people are given the opportunities to use their MasterCard credit cards. The company boasts relationships with “world-class organizations like Major League Baseball and the PGA.” When you accept MasterCard, you too are affiliated with such greatness!

Get Paid Sooner. “You receive payment faster than with cheques – usually within 24 to 72 hours,” reads the website. Think about it. Accepting cheques is a gamble. Even when they’re not bouncing, they often take about a week to clear. Put money into your account a lot quicker by accepting plastic. Simply call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to begin accepting MasterCard and all other credit cards today!

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