It Pays To Accept Visa

\"CreditThey’re getting more and more rare these days. You know, merchants that don’t accept credit cards? But even more rare are the merchants that only accept one kind of credit card. One of our associates commented upon this earlier this week following a trip to a local grocery store. He found it quite upsetting that while the store accepted MasterCard and Interac, it did not accept Visa.

“I was quite surprised,” he told us, “I pulled out my card to pay for my groceries and the cashier told me that they don’t accept Visa. I guess they have some kind of deal with MasterCard or something. I’ve never encountered it before. I had to pay with my debit card and I much prefer putting my purchases on my credit card. I doubt I’ll return to that supermarket again.”

At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer our clients top-of-the-line POS terminals that allow them to accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac, Discover and American Express cards. We don’t feel that any of the big credit lenders should be left out. But, more importantly, we don’t feel that our clients should be cut off from accepting the cards of their customers’ choices.

That way, our clients are able to provide each one of their customers with a great convenience. The last thing you want is to turn away a customer because he or she only carries one credit card – and it’s the credit card you don’t accept at your place of business. Sure, maybe some store owners have preferences or have worked out certain agreements with certain lenders. But there are benefits to accepting all cards.

And it should go without saying that Visa cards are among the most popular credit cards in the world. On, it is explained that “as a consumer, the ease and convenience of paying with Visa is undeniable. As a merchant, you too can enjoy benefits to help build your business. In addition to being safe and secure, accepting Visa can help increase your sales and efficiency while delivering an improved checkout experience.”

Reliable, more secure transactions. According to the website, VisaNet is the world’s largest retail electronic payments processing network. They handle an average of 150 million transactions on a daily basis. That’s over 24,000 transactions a second! Evidently, merchants can rely on Visa transactions bringing in quite a large amount of business. With Visa, you know you’re working with a reliable brand.

Increased efficiency. reminds merchants that accepting Visa provides them with automatic access to funds. When you allow your customers to swipe their cards at your stores, you generally receive payment in your bank account with 24-72 hours. No more waiting around for a cheque to clear. Not to mention, Visa transactions don’t bounce the ways cheques do!

Increased speed at checkout. Accepting credit cards make the entire buying process so easy for your customers. With one swipe or punching in of a customer’s PIN code, a purchase is made – and this generally takes seconds. notes that “Visa transactions can increase speed at checkout, particularly in traditionally cash-heavy segments.”

Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to begin accepting Visa and all other credit cards today!

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