Keeping Your Restaurant Business Booming All Summer Long…And Beyond!

\"\"Most restaurateurs across Canada will agree that the summertime is a great time! They know that warm and sunny weather encourages more people to leave their homes and enjoy meals in the company of friends and family members at restaurants. Especially when those restaurants have patios, business booms during the summer. It’s a great time of year to take steps to impressing restaurant patrons and ensure that business continues to boom once the summer is over.

Be sure to be active on social media.

As we’ve pointed out in numerous blogs in the past, most Canadian consumers go online to read reviews, compare prices and browse items before making any purchases. When it comes to where to eat, you better believe the internet is a go-to destination for making that decision! Being active on social media involves engaging with others. It also involves making exciting announcements to encourage other social media users to visit your eatery.

“Social media is free, takes little time out of your day, and lets you connect with customers on an individual level,” explains Jenny Brooks on, “By commenting on your fans’ posts, sharing photos of your food and staff, and putting out exclusive offers for your followers, you create a community for your business that expands far beyond your physical location.”

Nothing beats exceptional customer service.

It’s vital that you remember the food you serve in your restaurant is only part of the reason your patrons visit you. People go out to eat in order to have enjoyable experiences. The ways in which they are treated by your staff plays a huge role in their enjoyment. Poor service is enough to send customers away for good. Be sure to have your entire staff trained to make your visitors have the best possible dining experiences and your customers will be sure to return.

On, Cheryl Parsons explains that you can encourage repeat visits by “providing an engaging experience both inside the restaurant and after they leave. Exceptional service, food, value and atmosphere all contribute to the restaurant experience. But what about after they leave? Individual communication with customers is key to staying top of mind and completing the customer experience.”

Upgrade your POS terminal.

“Clunky computers and cash registers can clog up your lines, handwritten orders can lead to mistakes or misunderstandings from your kitchen team, and dated technology is dated for a reason,” says Brooks, “Without a reliable POS system and the corresponding features, your restaurant’s efficiency is at risk of stalling, thus limiting the amount of sales you can process in a given time.”

At Canadian POS, we couldn’t agree more! This is why we so highly recommend the Poynt Smart Terminal. It is revolutionizing the way that merchants accept credit card and debit card payments from their customers. Poynt can be used as either a countertop device or a wireless terminal which works so much better in restaurants.

For more information about the Poynt Smart Terminal, please don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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