Making Your Gift Cards Hot Summer Sellers


With the summer now officially in full swing, there are many new opportunities being presented to you as a business owner. As we’ve mentioned in many of our recent blogs, warm and sunny weather tends to encourage Canadians to leave their homes more often. This simple fact enables you to welcome more people into your store.

However, you can’t simply assume that more shoppers will automatically translate into more customers entering your store. There must be efforts placed into enticing consumers to spend money at your place of business.

Promote the fact you sell gift cards.

Many business owners assume that gift cards are “just a holiday thing”. This is only true to a point. If you believe that gift cards only sell during the end-of-year holiday season, you’d be mistaken. Don’t forget that holidays take place all year long. In fact, this coming weekend, Canadians will be celebrating a pretty big one!

Canada Day offers all Canadians a special opportunity to spend some time with family and friends. Celebrating the nation’s birthday is often done at parties – and party guests very often bring gifts for party throwers. Gift cards provide Canada Day celebrators the perfect opportunities to get something their gift recipients will love. And that’s because gift card recipients get to choose whatever they want!

The summer is full of holiday fun.

Firstly, the kids are out of school. That means that parents will need ways to entertain their children. A gift card that offers the ability to get some delicious bites to eat, see a movie or attend a sporting event is a great summer-based gift. Secondly, there is a long weekend holiday every month of the summer! After Canada Day comes the Civic Holiday at the beginning of August and then, of course, Labour Day weekend to end the summer off in September.

If you don’t think that gift cards can be hot sellers during the summer, you’re likely forgetting about the many different ways that summer is celebrated. There are tons of events that will entail the giving of gifts. So selling gift cards in your store is sure to be a good idea – as long as you’re promoting them properly!

Sell your gift cards both offline and online.

Highlighting the fact that restaurant owners can make good money marketing their gift cards all year long, Rafi Cohen offers some insight on the benefits of selling gift cards both offline and online.

“Online purchasing is convenient for both the purchaser and the spender,” he reports on, “The RGCA 2015 survey reported that 32% of eGift Card buyers purchase online gift cards for the convenience and speed that instant online purchases offers. Also, online purchases are popular for last-minute gifts and for giving to recipients far from the sender.”

“Put up a poster in the window, make a small insert for your menu, have your servers and hosts/hostesses wear buttons, and put your cards on display at the host/hostess stand,” Cohen continues, “These are all awesome in-house techniques that will get your gift cards more exposure and remind people that you have gift cards for sale at your restaurants.”

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