New Interac Commercials Creating Quite The Buzz

\"Depositphotos_31037669_xs\"One thing is for sure. If you’re a TV watcher, you’ve seen a lot of Interac commercials lately. Making use of the AC/DC classic “Back In Black” track, the new “Be In The Black” slogan seems to be catching on. Interac has actually released a number of commercials showcasing shoppers pulling out their Interac cards when being asked by their respective cashiers “how would you like to pay?”

Once the card hits the POS terminal, the rock song kick in. The message? It feels good to use your own money. As least, this is what Interac is trying to communicate to the Canadian public. They must be doing a good job. Because not only are the television commercials on constantly – anyone watching the Toronto Raptors playoff games last weekend saw them several times – but there are Interac billboards everywhere!

The idea of using your own money, of course, is a direct reference to the idea that credit card use is essentially borrowing money. By borrowing money against a credit line, customers run the risk of incurring interest charges. That is, obviously, if they decide to pay over time instead of in one full lump sum once their billing cycles close. Nevertheless, Interac wants to remind us that there will never be interest charges when using their cards.

Check out one of the Interac “Be In The Black” commercials HERE.

“It’s quite a clever ad campaign,” commented one of our clients earlier this week, “I actually had a customer pull out his debit card this week and hum the AC/DC tune – no joke! As far as I’m concerned, I’m happy whether my customers pay with credit or debit cards. But I can see that more people are starting to feel more confident using Interac instead of Visa or MasterCard.”

We must say that this is an interesting observation. Our extensive research of websites from all over the internet has continually shown us that the majority of shoppers out there seem to think credit cards are the way to go. We’ve blogged quite a bit about that in recent weeks. Benefits such as travel rewards points and purchase protection stand out as reasons many people prefer using credit cards.

Regardless, the new Interac commercials are making quite the names for themselves. “I like them,” commented another one of our clients when asked about them, “As long as customers are coming into my store, I don’t care what they use. The way I see it, those commercials just remind people that it’s easy to shop using plastic. I accept both credit and debit so it’s all good to me.”

And that’s the point, isn’t it? As a business owner, you should be reveling in the fact that it is a popular practice to pay with plastic. This is especially true in Canada where credit card and debit card use is among the highest in the world. Perhaps, the new Interac commercials are making that point. Customers are prone to pull out a card to pay for their purchases anyway. Why not make it Interac?

All you should be concerned about is being able to accept whatever cards your customers pull out. Accepting cash only is no longer a viable option. Get set up with a top-notch POS terminal today. Even if you already accept plastic, Canadian POS Corporation can get you upgraded within a few short days. You’ll be happy to know our rates are among the best in the business! Call us at 1-877-748-2884.

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