Online Shopping Is A Growing Trend

\"ChristmasThis past Monday was Cyber Monday. And although it has quickly become a phenomenon in Canada to make purchases online during that day – a day when retailers widely slash their prices for their online shoppers – it is not the only day that people like to make purchases via the internet. In fact, online shopping is continually growing throughout Canada as a popular trend.

During the current holiday shopping rush, this becomes especially evident. Sure, the malls are still crammed with people. But that actually has become one of the top reasons that many shoppers prefer to do their holiday shopping from the comfort of their own homes. Why waste time in the malls when you can buy what you need while still wearing your pajamas?

In fact, many people even make purchases using their smart phones. It’s hard to imagine a more convenient way to shop. As Janet Davision of CBC News reported on Monday, many retailers are making it a lot easier for their customers to buy their products online. Some have gone so far as creating mobile apps to encourage the purchase of their items through smart phones.

The popular book store Indigo Books is cited by Davison as adopting this practice and last year’s Cyber Monday was their “biggest online day ever”. At least this is what the company’s executive vice-president for online and mobile, Kirsten Chapman has said. “The customer is moving to mobile and making sure that that experience is as great as it can be, and as easy as it can be is where we\’re focusing our attention,” she reported.

Whether it’s Cyber Monday or not, online shopping is simply a much more convenient experience. Clearly, there are many more days left in this year’s holiday shopping season, so Canadian consumers will undoubtedly continue to shop online. As Davison writes, not having to hunt for a parking spot creates another huge plus for choosing online shopping. Are your customers able to buy from your company using the internet?

If not, it should go without saying that you could be losing out on a ton of business. Whatever shoppers can get in your store, they should be able to get from your website. And that is because there is evidence that they’d simply prefer it that way. All a customer needs is a computer or mobile device and a credit card. So all you need to do is accept those credit cards!

Says Sharon Ng Hayes in Davison’s report: “There are no lineups, no searching for parking, the pricing is generally very good and it doesn\’t have the same boundaries or borders as bricks and mortar does, so I can really shop around the world from my sofa.” Begin accepting credit cards today. Don’t let Canada’s fascination with online shopping pass your company by.

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