Ontarians Can Now Buy Their Booze Online

\"womanIt’s official. The people of Ontario no longer have to visit LCBO locations in order to buy their beer, wine, cider and spirits. Instead, they can visit the new and improved LCBO.com and order the drinks of their choice to be delivered to their homes. As reported by CBC News last month, the new e-commerce feature on LCBO’s website also provides customers with the option of having the products of their choice delivered to nearby LCBO locations for pick up.

To make use of the new online shopping service for alcoholic beverages, customers must pay $12 order fees plus tax. Items will be delivered directly to their homes via Canada Post and will be received within two to three days of the orders being made. Shipping to LCBO stores will be free with minimum orders of $50 and will take between four and 12 days for delivery.

“Consumers who may not have their favourite product at their local store will now have over 5,000 products available right at their fingertips, and they will be able to find what they need with the click of a mouse and. more importantly, get it delivered to their door or their favourite LCBO,” Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa is quoted as saying during the July announcement of the new service at a Toronto LCBO location.

LCBO’s move to accepting e-commerce also helps to generate money for The Canadian Union of Postal Workers. CBC News reports that they are fully on board with the new delivery service and ensure that their members are ready for their new jobs of delivering LCBO’s products to Ontarians. “Our members are perfectly capable of delivering this in a timely manner and verifying ID to ensure this doesn\’t fall into the hands of minors,” the union\’s national president, Mike Palecek is quoted as saying.

It should go without saying that LCBO’s decision to allow for online shopping of their products will make lives easier for customers all over Ontario. This will especially be true when the colder months of the year approach and the holiday season arrives. Holiday parties and alcoholic beverages go hand in hand. Just as the winter and bad weather go hand in hand. It’s not hard to imagine online sales of booze going through the roof this upcoming holiday season.

Sousa points out that LCBO.com is also making it easier for Ontarians to get access to products that they wouldn’t normally get access to. After all, not everyone lives close to an LCBO store. In addition, there are benefits that far overshadow the concept of people getting their hands on alcohol. For those who may assume that home delivery of wine and beer isn’t news to be celebrated, Sousa informs of the real benefit of the new service.

“The launch of the online ordering is directly connected the government\’s priority to grow the economy, all the while the LCBO dividends continue to fund key government services like health care and education,” he said, “Online ordering also supports our government\’s work to increase convenience and choice for consumers and to make every life easier.”

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