Our Hearts Are With The Victims And Families Affected By Yesterday’s Tragedy


The Canadian POS Corporation team is very proud to have offices in Toronto, Ontario. We are elated to be part of a large and globally-known community that is culture-rich, incredibly diverse and bubbling with positive energy on a daily basis. Of course, as the media-wide coverage has certainly informed you by now, the great City of Toronto experienced an unspeakable tragedy yesterday at the hands of an individual whose name will not appear in this blog.

The lives of ten Torontonians were taken in a senseless act of cowardice and violence. With the use of a rental van, the individual barged into several pedestrians in the Yonge and Finch area of Toronto, taking those ten lives and injuring 15 more. Today, we are both heartbroken and outraged.

On behalf of the entire Canadian POS Corporation team, we wish to extend our most sincere condolences, heartfelt thoughts and best wishes for comfort, strength and peace to the family members and friends of those who have been impacted by this horrific incident. We also wish a very speedy recovery to all of those who were injured in yesterday’s attack.

We fully support the sentiments behind the new hashtags appearing all over social media in the past 24 hours. We are #TorontoStrong and we fully believe in #TorontoTheGood. As mentioned earlier, we are proud to have members of our team live and work in this city. It is one that is known for its multiculturalism, friendliness, cleanliness and incomparable talent.

Yesterday’s heinous attack is, in no way, indicative of the type of city we live in. We know Toronto to be quite safe and welcoming of all people. In addition to the many friends and family members our team has in this great city, we are proud to call many of our clients fellow Torontonians. We are unified in our grief today.

It goes without saying that the senseless act of violence committed yesterday hits close to home. Very sadly, we learn of far too many mass killings in the news. It’s hard to understand why such hate continues to exist in our world and why so many innocent people have to have their lives cut short because of it.

For Toronto to become the next city on an ever-growing list of towns where mass killings have occurred is truly heartbreaking. No, it doesn’t make yesterday’s tragedy any worse than the many others we’ve learned about. However, it does serve as a staggering reminder that we must all be very grateful for the lives we’ve all been blessed to have and the many loved ones we have in them.

There are many families in our city suffering horribly today. We wish we could offer them some sense of strength and comfort personally. We feel helpless and sorrowful that we have only these words to offer. But, we hope, in some small way, that these words will make clear the true nature of what Toronto is all about. We care, we help, we love – and we will come together to unite against evil and hate.

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