Outlining The Benefits Of Our Pay At Table Solution

\"payingPeople love eating at restaurants. Eating, after all, will never go out of style. “It’s all about the experience,” commented one of our colleagues at a dinner party last week, “The food should be great, of course, but I think most people love dining out because of the atmosphere and the whole fact that it’s an event. Going out to eat is fun because it puts you in a new place where there is no responsibility to cook or clean or entertain yourself.”

As far as we’re concerned, that’s as good a reason as any to enjoy restaurant dining. For our many clients who are restaurant owners, this should come as good news. The thing is, they are all very likely aware of why their customers enjoy visiting their establishments. But, at Canadian POS Corporation, we believe that we have the solution to make dining out all the more enjoyable! It comes by way of our Pay At Table solution.

We offer the Ingenico iWL220B which is an excellent wireless terminal that functions with Bluetooth technology. It works absolutely perfectly in any environment where the point of payment needs to be delivered directly to the customer. In addition to restaurants, these terminals are ideal for delivery personnel, curbside pick-up and nail, hair and beauty salons. Bringing the terminal to the cardholder improves both the customer experience and the cardholder’s security.

With the Ingenico iWL220B, the credit or debit card is always kept in your customer’s control. This way, he or she never has to relinquish it at any time. Naturally, this helps to ensure that no cards are lost, stolen or used in fraudulent manners. This has greatly improved the ways in which restaurants do business all over Canada. And, as mentioned, it greatly enhances the customer experience.

“I much prefer keeping the card on my person,” mentioned another colleague at the party, “I actually used to hate giving it to the waiter. I always thought ‘what if this guy goes and takes my card and racks up some charges? What’s stopping him?’ Now I just punch in my PIN without handing over the card and I feel a lot more secure about it. It’s obviously safer to use the card at the table instead of having to give it up.”

In addition to providing your customers with added security, the Ingenico iWL220B provides your restaurant with numerous benefits to make the payment process a lot easier. Firstly, it accepts all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover – as well as Interac debit cards. Secondly, it also accepts EMV “chip” cards, supporting the latest technologies in our industry.

This too, helps to avoid fraud from occurring on cards that could have been stolen. Thirdly, the Ingenico iWL220B has integrated contactless technology for customers who prefer to “tap and go”. “I like that I can just punch in my PIN,” commented our friend, “It’s a quicker and easier way to pay. And if I want to enable the ‘tap and go’ feature, I can. It just makes the whole eating-at-restaurants thing so much easier.”

It is easy to dine and then pay for meals at your restaurant? If you still require your wait staff to take hold of customer credit cards, it’s certainly time for a change. Canadian POS Corporation’s Pay At Table solution is revolutionizing the way that restaurants do business. Paying at the table has practically become the norm in today’s world. To order your Ingenico iWL220B wireless terminal, give us a call at 1-877-748-2884 today!

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