Pay At Table Options Greatly Improve Dining Experiences

\"ManIt’s no secret. People love eating at restaurants. And with the spring season now here, that statement is bound to prove itself in a greater capacity. When the weather warms up, the patios open and, as a result, even more customers begin enjoying the experiences of going out to eat. At Canadian POS Corporation, we have enjoyed many years of working with Canadian restaurant owners who know just how important it is to give patrons amazing dining experiences.

What is one of the top ways to ensure that a customer enjoys his or her experience at a restaurant? It’s all about making the payment process a quick and easy one. Is there a restaurant still out there that asks its servers to retrieve the credit cards of its diners? By today’s standards, that’s considered an archaic practice. Pay At Table capabilities with wireless POS terminals are making dining that much more fun than it used to be.

Are you allowing your patrons to pay for their bills directly at their tables? It’s as simple as having a member of your wait staff bring a wireless terminal to the dining table when the meal has been completed. Within seconds, the customer can insert his/her credit card or debit card, punch in the PIN code and be on his/her way. It’s really that simple. In the past, paying with plastic wasn’t so simple.

Most Canadians can still recall the days when they had to relinquish their credit cards to their servers. The servers would take the cards to other locations of their restaurants where the POS terminals could be found. The transactions were only initiated there. Receipts would be printed and brought back to the tables for the customers to sign. After the tips were written in and the signatures were signed, the second step of the process was complete.

Servers would then have to go back to the POS terminals to punch in the final numbers to finally complete the transactions. What an unnecessary waste of time and energy, right? Believe it or not, this process is still pretty commonplace in the United States. Canadian consumers regularly remark about their surprise about this fact after travelling south of the border and eating at restaurants.

Are you one of the few restaurant owners in Canada who is still insisting upon having customers sign their signatures? If so, it’s certainly time for a change. Of the many reasons that Canadians prefer Pay At Table options is the security that it provides them. A concern about fraudulent charges being placed on accounts is always viable when a credit card has left the possession of its owner. Without having to give up their cards at restaurants, customers now feel more secure.

Not to mention, instances of fraud at restaurants have significantly dropped since this technology was employed. At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer the Verifone VX680 as the Pay At Table terminal of choice. In fact, it is perfect for any environment where you need to bring the point of payment to your customers. Table-service restaurants are most notable for taking advantage of this great machine.

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