Plastic Acceptance Makes It Easy To Eat

\"ManEarlier this week, we blogged about how much success restaurant owners were having during the course of the one month long FIFA World Cup tournament. Great places to take in the matches, restaurants, bars and grills saw a spike in business during each day that a game was on television. Provided, of course, that your restaurant has television screens available for customer viewing, you are no doubt someone who benefitted from the World Cup.

Our blog, however, touched on a very important aspect of taking advantage of times when more customers are bound to walk through your doors. Accepting credit and debit cards simply makes the entire restaurant experience that much easier. It’s easier on both servers and patrons alike. No one is fumbling for change or worrying about having enough cash.

Paying with plastic is a breeze. This fact will remain true now that the World Cup tournament has come to a close. Quite obviously, there will always be a place for restaurants in our world as people will always get hungry and need places to eat. Restaurants are places where we celebrate special occasions and enjoy time with our families and friends. So restaurants that accept credit and debit cards are bound to get more of those people.

Why? It’s simply because plastic acceptance makes it easy to eat. Consider the various instances when having a credit or debit card makes it a lot more convenient to grab food. We did when we discussed a recent incident experienced by one of our colleagues. “I was starving,” she recalls, “I was coming home late from an outing with friends and hadn’t eaten in hours. My only choice was a drive-thru but I didn’t have cash on me. I’m so glad they accepted debit.”

Paying with plastic gets people out of binds. In ensures them that, no matter what, they will be able to afford whatever it is they need at the last minute. In many cases, we eat “at the last minute” not knowing for sure when hunger pangs are going to strike. A similar instance occurred with another one of our colleagues recently. His story provides one of the greatest examples of why all food providers should accept plastic.

“I was so tired after working that there was no way, I was going to leave my place and get into my car,” he tells us, “But there was nothing in the fridge so I figured ordering in made the most sense, but I don’t keep cash in the house. It’s awesome that delivery people just bring the machines to the doors now. I used have to check my pockets and stuff for cash or change when I ordered but I don’t worry about any of that any more. As long as I have my credit card, I’m good.”

Paying with plastic has become the norm now. So, if you’re a restaurant owner or food service provider and you’re still not accepting plastic, your customer base is slowly, but surely going to consider you “abnormal”. Make life easy on your customers and don’t give them reasons to eat somewhere else. Accept credit and debit cards as methods of payment and you’ll secure your customer base for the long haul.

At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer top-of-the-line POS terminals at the most affordable rates in our industry. Our many years of experience have proven to us that when merchants accept plastic, their businesses grow. It’s just that simple. This probably goes double for restaurant owners, simply because their businesses are so widely loved and needed. But people love paying with plastic. So call us up at 1-877-748-2884 today!

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