Preparing Your Store For Cyber Monday

\"\"This past Monday, our blog highlighted the fact that Black Friday will soon be arriving. In fact, it takes place in just three short weeks! Now that it’s Friday, we thought it only made sense to highlight the fact that Cyber Monday is quickly on its way as well. Taking place on November 26th, Cyber Monday is the online equivalent of Black Friday, making it the biggest online shopping day of the year.

If you’ve yet to invest in a safe and secure e-commerce solution, there is definitely no time to waste. You most definitely don’t want to miss out on the huge increase in sales numbers that always comes on Cyber Monday. Be sure to get in touch with Canadian POS to learn more about the e-commerce solution we have available. Once you’re all set up, you’ll certainly want to prepare your online store for the Cyber Monday sales event.

Renovate your online store.

If you’ve already set up your online store, you’re likely aware that it will require somewhat of a makeover in order to prepare it for its busiest day of the year. Make certain that all of the products you have available can easily be located and their heavily reduced prices are made clear. On, Tara Storozynsky recommends that you make the appropriate changes to your site and then have it tested before the big day arrives.

“Just a few simple tweaks can make all the different in your shoppers’ experience and conversions,” she points out, “Test buy a product or two yourself once you’ve made the changes. By finding any potential friction in the buying process now, you can save your customers a lot of hassle later, and increase your bottom line. Get your whole online store in tip top shape for your upcoming big sale.”

Offer free shipping.

Arguably, there is no better way to attract online shoppers to your website on Cyber Monday than to promote the fact that it offers free shipping. As is obvious, shoppers look for sweet deals on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The main thing that sets the two popular holiday shopping days apart is shipping costs. Eliminate shipping costs from your store’s online shopping experience and you’re bound to increase sales.

On, Cara Wood explains how to offer free shipping correctly. “The most important thing is to set a free shipping threshold,” she writes, “That means that customers must spend a certain amount in order to receive free shipping. People tend to be more willing to spend $15 extra dollars on an item than spend $4 on shipping, because the item has a higher perceived value than the shipping.”

Add more holiday gift items.

Don’t forget that Cyber Monday shoppers are looking for gifts. By adding more holiday gift items to your regular line of products, you’ll boost profits. “New products generate excitement, and the right ones can carry you through the holiday season with sky high profit margins,” says Storozynsky, “New additions to your inventory are also a great way to entice previous customers back for repeat business.”

Here’s to a very successful Cyber Monday this year! Don’t forget to contact Canadian POS to learn more about our e-commerce solution by calling 1-877-748-2884 or emailing info@localhost.

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