Quebec Men Love Their Online Shopping, Says Survey

\"EnterIt’s a common stereotype that women absolutely love to shop while most men fear shopping malls. Well, it seems as if the internet has completely shattered that stereotype! A recent Leger survey for National Bank has found that the male respondents were the most active online shoppers with 29 percent of them having made more than ten online purchases in the past year.

As reported by the Montreal Gazette just yesterday, the survey also brought to light some other very interesting findings. Polling 1,200 Quebec residents aged 18 and older who had made at least one online purchase in the past year, the May 2016 survey debunked a number of other myths about shopping. Among those myths is the idea that only young people enjoy online shopping.

58 percent of respondents aged 65 and older made between two and five online purchases in the past year. Evidently, online shopping isn’t just for millennials, as most might expect. Clothing, footwear, jewellery and accessories (the most popular of all online shopping categories, according to the study) are also consumed by members of our older generations.

A fear of being swindled isn’t much of a deterrent to online shopping, by the way. The Montreal Gazette also notes that the myth that online shopping is unsafe was debunked by the Leger survey for National Bank. According to the report, “the fear of being swindled (16% of respondents) was of less concern than worries about the product itself (36%) or shipping and delivery costs (31%).”

69 percent of online shoppers use credit cards to pay for their purchases. The survey provided further evidence to the fact that Canadians (specifically Quebeckers, in this case) prefer using credit cards over any other method of payment to pay for their purchases. Clearly, this is the case for our online shopping population.

48 percent of respondents shop online to take advantage of better prices. It’s no secret that most modern consumers browse products and services online before making any buying decisions. Because online shopping makes browsing so easy (there’s no need to visit numerous stores to compare prices), it stands to reason that online purchases are often made with a good price being the main reason for the buying decision.

Pierre Dufour is the vice-president of Card and Payment Solutions at National Bank. “It\’s clear that online shopping is now well established among Quebeckers, and the credit cards offered by National Bank are better adapted than ever to this reality,” he is quoted as saying. At Canadian POS Corporation, our experience tells us that the love for online shopping is felt all throughout Canada.

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