Restaurant Gift Cards Make Great Choices

\"795_gift_cards_restaurants\"Over the past few weeks, we have blogged here and there about the many benefits that accepting Visa, MasterCard and Interac bring to restaurant owners. Even more so, there are benefits to using wireless terminals in your restaurant and certainly in your food delivery business. But, as we’ve been blogging about this week, gift cards are especially beneficial to restaurants.

Obviously, you can’t place a meal in front of a friend and present it as a gift. That is, unless you bring that friend to the restaurant yourself. It’s a lot easier for friends and family members to give each other gift cards to their favourite restaurants. Yes, gift cards are not for retailers alone. They work wonders in the restaurant industry. They are bound to boost your client base.

Consider than many people who receive gift cards from your restaurant may end up being first-time patrons. What better recommendation is there than the gift card? When you sell gift cards, you are essentially entering into a contract with a customer you haven’t yet met. It’s the same as saying “I’ll see you when it’s time for you to use this card”. It’s your opportunity to literally make new friends.

Naturally, you want your patrons to keep coming back. The more gift cards you sell, the more you are making good impressions. And if it’s good impressions that you are making, you are only bound to sell more gift cards. The cards, by the way, are almost like cash advances. You are being paid for the meal before you even have to serve it. Gift cards are guaranteed money in your pocket no matter what.

As a restaurant owner, this is great news. Think about it. Even if the card isn’t redeemed, you have already earned the denomination of the gift card you sold. There is the possibility that your cards may not be redeemed. Perhaps, they were given as gifts to individuals who aren’t fans of your type of cuisine. Perhaps, they got lost or even forgotten about.

This, of course, isn’t a main reason to sell gift cards. But the truth remains. Selling gift cards help to boost your business – meal or no meal. Remember, as well, the same rule of gift card spending applies to your restaurant as it does for all other businesses. Your customers are bound to spend more than the amount that the gift card is worth. So you’re not just guaranteeing a future sale.

You’re guaranteeing yourself a greater return. Let’s say a gift card is worth $50. Most patrons will order upwards of that amount. With tax, tips, drinks, desserts and any other extras your customers may order, they will likely spend more than just the $50 on the card. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s no big deal to them. They’re only required to pay the overage.

Gift cards are win-win presents. They are great for consumers and they are even greater for merchants. Your restaurant business can enjoy greater success by placing gift cards on the menu. They will help increase sales and your reputation. Call Canadian POS Corporation to get your restaurant selling gift cards today. Simply dial us up at 1-877-748-2884.

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