Switching From Cash-Only To Plastic-Friendly

\"HumanCanadian POS Corporation is in the business of providing Canadian business owners with top-notch POS terminals so that they may accept credit and debit cards as methods of payment. So naturally, we believe strongly in the entire concept of accepting plastic. Of course, you could take it from us that it is beneficial to your business to stop being “cash-only”.

We’ve blogged extensively about this concept over the past several months and certainly over the past few days. But just because we say that accepting credit and debit cards can greatly increase sales, improve customer service and make bookkeeping a breeze doesn’t mean you have to automatically believe it. We encourage you to do your own research and learn about these benefits yourself.

In fact, this is why we so enjoy doing our own research by visiting websites all over the internet to gain greater insight into what others think about the benefits to plastic acceptance. The Canadian POS Corporation Blog has quite often offered takes on articles found throughout the worldwide web. For example, we recently came across a BusinessNewsDaily.com post that we found interesting.

“Accepting credit cards is a must for any business,” writes Chad Brooks on the site, “According to the Small Business Administration, businesses that don\’t accept credit cards are missing out on increasing their sales — not only are card payments becoming the most common method of payment, but the convenience of using credit cards means customers are more likely to make purchases.”

The opinion shared by Brooks is, in fact, more than just an opinion. His views are based on facts. Statistics continue to show that when merchants switch from being cash-only to being plastic-friendly, they enjoy a boost in sales. The added convenience given to their customers encourages more people to enter their doors for the purposes of shopping. Simply put, paying with plastic makes life easier.

“Consumers now also expect that merchants accept credit cards, making cash-only business models a thing of the past,” says Brooks. Many people already feel that cash-only businesses are things of the past. Last week, we spoke to one of our clients – a plastic accepter himself, of course – and he expressed how disappointed he was as a shopper having to leave stores that didn’t accept his cards.

“I find it very annoying,” he confided in us, “I provide this benefit to my customers so I guess I expect the same in return from other store owners. I basically never walk with cash anymore so when I can’t pay with my cards, it’s frustrating. I can’t imagine turning away my customers because they don’t have any cash on them. Look at what year it is, it’s ridiculous!”

“Thanks to technology, whether a business is just starting out or switching from a cash-only system, there are a wide variety of payment solutions available to merchants,” Brooks writes, “From merchant services providers to online and mobile payment processors, accepting credit cards is easier than ever.” He’s right! Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to get all set up to accept plastic today!

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