Taking Our Customers’ Words For It

\"shutterstock_45992485\"In today’s business world, it’s important to hit all areas of satisfaction when it comes to your customers. Naturally, excellent customer service is a must. At Canadian POS Corporation, we go out of our way to ensure that each and every one of our clients is happy. But it’s a lot more than great service that will do the trick. It’s important to deliver with your products and services.

We ensure our clients that they will not only be working with top-notch POS terminals. We also provide expedient service, generally getting them all set up to accept credit and debit cards within three days. Now, of course, we could continue to list the many reasons that Canadian business owners choose to work with our company. But we’d rather let the customers speak for themselves.

“I appreciate the speedy service,” said one of our clients last week, “Switching to you guys was a lot less painful than I thought it might be. Honestly, I was prepared for a headache. But you guys made it easy. I wish it was always this easy. But anyway, thanks for getting me my machines so quickly and thanks for providing great customer service over the phone as well.”

Being quick and being knowledgeable and friendly goes a long way. We know this from experience. We’re not talking about the ways in which we handle our customers alone. We’re talking about the ways in which we’ve been handled as customers as well. And it isn’t always so pleasant. As a result, we base our customer service regimen on how we like to be treated.

Speaking of which, we like to be treated with respect. And as a result, we demand great value when we spend our money. Of course, as customers, we all want to get the most bang for our bucks. This is why, at Canadian POS Corporation, we seek to provide our clients with the best value possible out of the services we provide them. And we know one key way to achieve this.

“Your rates are significantly more affordable than (other providers),” commented one of our newest clients earlier this week, “You guys advertise that your rates are competitive and you meant it. I’m not so sure why (other providers) charge what they do, but I suppose they think they’re able to because they are big names. I’m just glad the service is great and the rates are fair with you guys.”

Please feel free to contact Canadian POS Corporation today to discover what rates we offer and how they compare to that of other POS providers. It pays to make comparisons. As is the theme of today’s blog, you don’t have to take our word for it. By calling 1-877-748-2884, you’ll discover exactly what we can offer you, how soon you can get it and what it will cost you.

Make the comparisons for yourself. Are you looking to accept Visa, MasterCard and Interac cards at your place of business? Do you wish to upgrade from your current provider? Are you interested in getting a top-notch POS terminal while getting the best possible customer service? Do you want a smooth transition and a speedy hook up of your new machine? Give us a call and let us address those needs today!

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