The Art Of Running Your Business From Remote Locations


My, how things have changed. In 2019, running a business looks far different than it did even ten years ago. Needless to say, the internet has changed everything.

Take this very blog, for example. It wasn’t that long ago when small businesses relied strictly on traditional advertising techniques like flyers, print ads and radio spots. Today, content marketing is huge. With each and every blog we post, Canadian POS raises its online prestige. Adding fresh new content to our website on a regular basis enables it to rank higher in search engines.

Advertising methods aren’t the only things that have changed.

Advances in technology also allow business owners to run their businesses from various locations all throughout the world just as they would within the four walls that make up their offices. With VoIP technology, a business owner can use his/her business phone number to connect with clients and colleagues on a mobile device from anywhere in the world.

On, Jeff Rose highlights just how much modern technology has helped to revolutionize the way he conducts business. “If I were trying to run a business ten years ago, there is no way I could accomplish as much as I do today,” he reveals, “Thanks to technology, I can stay in touch with my team with Slack, use Dropbox to share client files, use Zoom for conference calls, use DocuSign when signatures are needed, and use BombBomb to record video and sync it with our inboxes for easy messaging.”

Hire from a global-wide selection of candidates.

Not only can modern technology allow you to perform a number of your business tasks from anywhere in the world, it can enable you to hire staff members for your business from anywhere in the world. This is a huge plus when trying to attract the most talented individuals possible for the positions that may be available in your company.

According to John Rampton on, “a Harvard Business Review research study found that 87% of remote workers feel they are still connected to their employers through video conferencing while 68% of millennial workers surveyed said they are more interested in employers that offer remote work positions.” Evidently, remote work is only growing in popularity.

Accept payments on the go!

VirtualMerchant Mobile allows you to accept credit card and debit card payments wherever you go! This incredible mobile solution removes the boundaries that were formerly represented by the walls that make up your place of business. VirtualMerchant Mobile is a secure, complete payment solution that transforms mobile devices into terminals. With it, your smartphone becomes a lot more than a communication tool – it becomes a payment processing machine!  

VirtualMerchant Mobile is an innovative offering for businesses of any size that want more than just a mobile payment solution from their payment providers. Our secure mobile solution is a natural extension of our full service offerings that builds on over 20 years of industry experience by providing flexible, secure and scalable payment solutions to businesses of all sizes.

For more information about how you can begin using VirtualMerchant Mobile to accept payments from remote locations, please don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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