The Benefits Of Making Sales At Outdoor Events

\"\"Although we’re nearly midway through August, it’s important for all Canadian merchants to remember that there’s still plenty of summer left. How you utilize the rest of the summertime can determine just how successful the season will be for your business. Most Canadians love this time of year because of the ample opportunities it gives them to enjoy the great outdoors. Business owners should think with the same mindset.

Are there festivals, concerts, barbeques, picnics, tournaments and other special occasions taking place in your area over the course of the forthcoming weeks? If so, you’d be wise to contact to the organizers of these events to see if you can set up shop onsite. As you can imagine, there are numerous benefits to promoting your business and even processing sales at outdoor events during the summer.

You attain opportunities to reach more members of your target audience.

All businesses have specific target audiences that are made up of people who would most benefit from the products and services offered. Consider the fact that many of your competitors are likely attending outdoor events this summer as vendors. You’d be wise to ensure that you’re not being outdone by your competition. On, Kevin Springer explains that the location of your exhibit plays a big role in how well you’re able to reach members of your target audience.

“I like to choose an exhibit space near the food and beverage stations because there’s usually lots of traffic,” he informs, “Some people prefer their trade show booth at the corners of aisles or near the entrances for better visibility. Others feel there’s an advantage to being close to your competitors, which can be a good way to reach your shared target audience.”

In-person interactions help to develop new customer relationships.

You can’t always assume that members of your company’s target audience are going to end up finding you. Instead of hoping that customers who are interested in your products and services will visit your store, take your store to them! Attending outdoor events as a vendor means that you’ll have the ability to meet new customers face-to-face. And there’s nothing like an in-person meeting to create and grow a new customer relationship.

In a jointly written article for, Shereen Dindar, Kristin Hovde, John Rampton and Kathryn Stewart explain that direct interactions with consumers improve the ability of customers to understand what you have to offer. “Marketers can make more quality leads at trade shows than they can from their desks by cold-calling or emailing,” they write, “In many cases, at a trade show, the attendees initiate a conversation by making inquiries about the goods or services on display.”

You significantly boost your sales.

Naturally, when you bring your products and services to the people instead of waiting for the people to come to your store, you give yourself opportunities to grow your sales. Of course, it’s important to be equipped with a point-of-sale solution that allows for remote transactions. At Canadian POS, we proudly offer the Poynt Smart Terminal which is a complete wireless payment solution that lets you accept payments anywhere!

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