The Importance Of Offering Curbside Pickup


The past several months have been hard on business owners everywhere. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many to close up shop, relying only on their websites to continue the flow of sales. With some restrictions now easing up, entrepreneurs are trying to reclaim the type of customer support they received pre-pandemic. But that’s not so easy.

Many stores are taking the appropriate measures to keep their customers safe. They include floor markers that promote physical distancing and even limiting the number of people who may be in their stores at one time. Curbside pickup is another excellent method being utilized by business owners all over Canada. Enabling your customers to order and pay for their purchases before arriving at your store to pick them up is an excellent way to keep sales going.

Help grow your bottom line.

Chances are you’ve had product sitting on the shelves for months. In order to get them moving, don’t insist that your customers visit your store to browse. By giving them the opportunity to either go online or call you to place their orders, you’ll both increase revenue and keep everyone safe in the process.

“From a business standpoint, you’ll use up existing inventory, keep employees working and keep revenue coming in, even if it’s decreased,” writes Syed Balkhi on, “Employees will see that you’re trying your best to keep them safe while they work. Customers will be happy they can still pick up their orders, food and other items in these uncertain times.”

Save on shipping costs.

Unquestionably, it’s a good idea to promote your company website as a go-to destination for online shopping. In many cases, business owners have had to go the e-commerce route in order to keep their brands going. However, not everyone needs to have products shipped to them. If customers live in your area, curbside pickup saves them from having to wait for the arrival of their orders. It also helps you to save on shipping costs.

“Lower shipping fees mean increased margins, the opportunity to run more promotions or deeper discounts,” notes, “Maybe for a limited time, you encourage customers by offering them a limited time pickup discount or additional 10% off all additional items – over and above the pickup order.”

Boost your brand image.

There’s no doubt about it. You want your business to thrive long after this pandemic has passed us. However, in order to do that, you’ll need to leave a lasting impression. Offering curbside pickup shows your supporters that you care as much about their safety as you do their need to receive their desired goods.

“Even though there is so much discussion about omnichannel retail, many, if not most retailers are still not there yet,” says, “That reality is setting in as COVID-19 reveals how well retailers are equipped to pivot to non-store buying journeys. Adopting omnichannel strategies means you will both differentiate and strengthen your brand image of being customer centric.”

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