The Importance Of Valentine’s Day Credit Card Acceptance

\"ColorfulThis is one of those weeks when business is about to pick up for many companies all over Canada. With Valentine’s Day approaching this Saturday, chances are that those who are in relationships will be out shopping for the perfect gifts all week. As explained in our last blog, selling gift cards at your place of business will definitely show its benefits in the coming days. But accepting credit cards as methods of payment will also prove to be a bonus.

This is true for all business types, but it is especially true for restaurant owners. Couples in love will definitely be looking to share meals with each other both this coming Saturday and in the days before the big one arrives. The acceptance of credit cards has helped for restaurant owners to make the entire paying-for-a-meal process to be so much easier and more convenient. And the convenience has only increased with the advent of wireless terminals.

“I remember when I had to give up my credit card to the waiter in the restaurant,” recalled one of our colleagues earlier this week, “I never liked it. Who knows what they could have done with it when they took it in the back. I actually have a friend who saw fraud on his card each time he ate at this one place. I’m glad that now restaurants just bring the machine to the table so you don’t have to let go of your card.”

At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer our clients the amazing Ingenico Telium2 iWL220B wireless terminal. It’s widely-known as a top-of-the-line device for any working environment where it’s more convenient to bring the point of payment to the customers. That goes for table-service restaurants as well as delivery and curbside pick-up industries. Nail, hair and beauty salons also benefit from using such wireless terminals.

But why will accepting credit cards be so important during Valentine’s Day? The more customers you serve, the more money you make, right? Well, on Valentine’s Day, your restaurant is likely to be a little bit more busy than usual. Especially considering that the annual celebration of romance is taking place on a Saturday this year, don’t be surprised if you have line-ups of people waiting for seats going out the front door.

Credit card transactions that are made with wireless terminals help for quicker turnovers of your tables. As a result of the quick and easy payment process, you will serve more patrons of your restaurant. Even if you’re able to squeeze in one more couple per table this Saturday, you’ll be making quite the profit. In fact, one of our restaurant-owning clients recently commented upon this when asked of his Valentine’s Day promotional plans.

“Last year, we had special dishes prepared just for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day,” he told us, “So we’re going to do something similar this year. Last year was also the first year we used the wireless terminals and they were great! It made the customers happier and our staff was happier too. They cleared the tables quicker and we were able to seat a few more people than normal. So it was great.”

Don’t let another Valentine’s Day go by without accepting credit cards as methods of payment. And even in the likely case that you accept credit cards already, you’ll want to give the wireless terminal method a try. If you happen to currently use wireless terminals in your restaurant, we would still encourage you to give Canadian POS Corporation at a call at 1-877-748-2884 to discuss a possible upgrade. It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

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