Using Your PC To Grow Your Sales


Last week, we posted a blog detailing various ways business owners can use their smartphones to grow their sales. And while smartphones are hugely popular devices in 2019, it’s not like home and office computers are obsolete. It’s quite the opposite. Today, more than ever before, people rely on their PCs. We need them for work, entertainment, communicating with the rest of the world – just about everything, actually!

As a business owner, it’s important to understand just how important a tool your PC is. Used correctly, your personal computer can do so much more than enable you to create documents, store pictures and surf the internet. Your company has the ability to grow its sales through correct computer use.

You can add “buy buttons” to your social media pages.

As we’re sure you’re aware, your social media accounts can be accessed from your personal computer just as easily as on your smartphones. Your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts can do so much more than simply advertise your brand. They can also serve as direct sellers! As Tom La Vecchia explains on, adding “buy buttons” to your social media accounts can greatly boost sales.

“In the past, digital marketers wanted to funnel all visitors to their websites in order to generate sales,” he notes, “With advancements in social media technology, customers can purchase your item directly from Facebook without ever visiting your site. Social media platforms are no longer just informational, but can also be a form of direct sales, essentially decentralizing the sales funnel.”

You can conduct video conferences.

Today, business meetings don’t have to take place in person. Amazing advances in technology have enabled us to speak with individuals from various locations across the world all at the same time. Not only does this save you tons of cash in travel costs but it, quite obviously, saves you a whole lot of time as well. By using your computer to conduct video conferences, you can take your business to levels you may have once considered unreachable.

“Video conferencing used to require big, bulky, expensive equipment,” says Norman Behar of the Sales Readiness Group, “Today, anyone can hop on a video conferencing call. This has been a great enhancement for sales managers whose salespeople work remotely…Don’t overlook the value of video technology. Body language, facial expression, and energy level are all readily apparent on a video conferencing call and can be masked on an ordinary phone call.”

You can accept payments directly!

At Canadian POS, we are thrilled to be able to give our clients the ability to turn their web-enabled PCs into payment terminals. Converge (formerly VirtualMerchant) is a complete hosted payment solution that instantly transforms your PCs into “virtual” payment terminals. With it, you can accept a full range of payment types – from credit and debit cards to electronic cheques and gift cards!

Converge allows you to process transactions in physical face-to-face, mail order/telephone order, or e-commerce environments. Best of all, it is designed to accommodate organizations of any size in any business segment. For more information about how you can convert your PC into a payment terminal with Converge, call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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