Welcome To The Year When Online Shopping Takes Over!


Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2018! The future is literally here! And, at Canadian POS Corporation, we’d like to help your business enjoy a future that entails higher sales and large customer bases. Just before the new year, our blog listed a number of ways that we are able to help Canadian business owners grow their respective companies. But with the changing of the calendar, we thought we’d focus on one way in particular.


Is it any secret that online shopping is hugely popular? Having just come off of another very busy holiday shopping season, it should come as no surprise that online shopping is a widely popular way for Canadians to locate their holiday gifts. However, it should be noted that retailers don’t have to wait until the holiday season to arrive in order for online shopping to hit high numbers. They’re high all year round!

It’s important to be up on this steadily growing trend, especially in the wake of the closing down of such retail giants as Sears Canada. As Erica Alini of Global News reports, the demise of the long-successful department store earned the title of Canadian Press Business Story of The Year. However, Sears isn’t the only company to see the end of times due to a change in the ways in which people shop. Alini notes that retailers need to take notice of new technologies.

This is especially true of the technologies that are widely used by millennials.

“Millennials are teaching their elders how to shop on their phones,” she writes, “Technological advances keep giving consumers new reasons to shop from home, the office or even the subway (internet-connection permitting) and not set foot in an actual store.”

Among the new gadgets that are likely to increase online shopping in the months and years to come, says Alini, are Amazon’s Echo smart speakers and Alexa voice assistant. The latter is an incredible new innovation that was released in November. It makes it so that people don’t even have to use their hands to purchase products on their mobile devices anymore.

“Consumers won’t even have to click their way through a new online purchase,” Alini explains, “All they’ll have to do is tell Alexa to place an order or work through a shopping list.” Pretty crazy, isn’t it? Then again, if you’re a millennial, you’re probably thinking that this new technology isn’t that crazy at all. Instead, you’re likely of the mind that physically walking into a store to make a purchase is an unnecessary inconvenience.

This is never truer than during the holiday season. As reported by Newswire.ca, Accenture\’s 2017 Holiday Shopping Survey found that a growing number of Canadians are turning to digital means to complete their holiday shopping. According to the most recent survey – the sixth of its kind – 66 percent of shoppers say they are familiar with Google Home and 75 percent are already using it/would definitely use it/are willing to use it.

Isn’t it time to take advantage of an e-commerce solution that will allow your business to sell its products online?

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