Why Being Plastic-Friendly Is Good For The Food Industry

\"DebitReaders of the Canadian POS Corporation Blog are well aware of the many benefits that come with accepting credit cards and debit cards as methods of payment. However, not all merchants across Canada seem to be fully aware just yet. Although they seem harder to find these days, there are still business owners who have yet to adopt POS machines of their very own to accept plastic in their places of business.

One of the most notable industries for accepting credit cards and debit cards is the food service industry. Specifically, restaurants are finding it a lot easier to please their patrons by bringing their POS machines directly to the tables. Gone are the days when customers would have to relinquish their cards to their waiters in order to pay for their meals. Today, the transactions are completed right at the table so cards never leave the hands of their owners.

This is the case for the majority of restaurants. There are some that still expect cash-only payments. For the most part, these food providers are smaller businesses that don’t always have dine-in features as part of their establishments. These take-out restaurants can be known for asking their customers to pay with cash. Not having an option, however, can hurt such businesses. This was evidenced by a story given to us by a colleague this week.

“I stopped off at this West Indian restaurant before going home from work the other day, because I was really in the mood for some jerk chicken,” revealed our friend, “I actually placed my order before realizing that there wasn’t an Interac or Visa or MasterCard logo somewhere like what I usually see. Anyway, when they gave me my food and I pulled out my card, they said ‘cash only’. I was so annoyed. I had to go and find an ATM to take out cash.”

One of the key benefits of accepting plastic is retaining your customers. There are many who will refuse to return to your place of business if you do not provide them with their preferred payment option. It really is about options, after all. Consider the fact that your restaurant has a menu. This gives customers the option to choose what they wish to eat. Imagine what they would think if you only served one dish!

This is the type of impression you give when you tell your customers that they have no choice when it comes to payment method. You stand to lose customers who will find easier times paying for their food in other restaurants. Accepting credit cards and debit cards as methods of payment isn’t as difficult as you may assume. In fact, it’s actually quite the easy process. At least, it is when you work with Canadian POS Corporation.

We pride ourselves on being able to secure business owners with new or upgraded POS terminals within three business days. We’re also proud to offer our clients the most affordable rates in our industry. This is important to our clients as we know that many have concerns about what it will cost them to move from cash-only to plastic-friendly. We encourage you to give us a call at 1-877-748-2884 to learn more today!

“I definitely prefer places that accept my cards,” our friend divulged, “I just feel like if they’re serious about their business, they’ll accept the cards that people like to use. It’s easier, it’s quicker and it gives me more benefits to use the card. To be honest, I just feel like if you want to be considered a professional brand, you’ll allow your customers to use their credit cards and debit cards in your store.”

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