Why Credit Card Acceptance Is A Treat For Customers

\"\"With Halloween fast approaching, there has been a lot of talk about “tricking” and “treating” going around. As you’re aware, the annual tradition of trick or treating is a fun experience for young people who enjoy dressing up in costumes as much as they do chowing down on sugary treats.

When it comes to running your business, however, there is a treat that you should be doling out all year round: credit card acceptance. By today’s standards, it’s practically expected of any small business to accept credit cards. Those that don’t accept credit suffer the consequences of losing customers. Those that do know how much consumers consider it a treat!

It provides a great convenience.

Simply put, it’s just so much easier to pay for purchases with credit cards. No sifting through cash for the right denominations, no fumbling through change to provide the exact total – a credit card is as easy to use for a one dollar purchase as it is for a thousand dollar purchase. As Kristie Lorette McCauley points out on LoveToKnow.com, credit cards provide shoppers with a great convenience.

“Customers can buy what they want now rather than having to wait, so accepting credit cards adds a level of convenience for the customer,” she notes, “They do not have to run to an ATM to get the cash they need to make a purchase. Credit cards allow customers instant gratification because they can buy now and worry about paying for it later.”

It puts minds at ease.

These days, most people don’t walk around with cash on their persons. It’s a lot easier to pull out a small plastic rectangle than a wad of cash. As well, in the event the card is lost, it can be replaced. When cash goes missing, it is generally gone forever. By accepting credit cards in your store, you put the minds of your customers at ease. They know that they’ll be able to make purchases without ever having to carry any cash.

“Consumers prefer the use of plastic over cash,” says Joseph Lizio on BusinessKnowHow.com, “Cash can be burdensome. Risk of theft, constantly going to the bank or ATM, carrying around all that change makes cash, in today\’s fast paced world, inefficient. Plastic is easier to carry, easier to use, and if you are like me, can be used to defer payment until after the billing cycle and grace period – it\’s a time value of money thing as well as a convenience.”

It helps them make \”now\” purchases.

Many consumers would much prefer to get their shopping “over with”. This will be especially true during the forthcoming holiday shopping season. When you only accept cash, you make it difficult for people to go ahead with their purchases. Without the correct amount of cash, a customer must contemplate leaving the store, getting the money and coming back. Most leave without returning.

“Whether your products or services cost $1.00 or $1000.00, accepting credit cards help purchasers make ‘NOW’ decisions,” writes Lizio, “As part of your sales efforts, you do not want consumers leaving your store or site to contemplate the purchase. You want them to impulse buy while the desire and the need remains extremely strong; no time to ‘think’ about it.”

For information about how you can begin accepting credit cards in your store, call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost. Be sure to ask us about the amazing Poynt Smart Terminal!

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