Why Gift Cards Are Great Gift Ideas

\"Depositphotos_3398571_xs\"Perhaps the strongest argument against giving gift cards as gifts is that they are supposedly “impersonal”. Really? Is that the worst thing in the world? Consider how “impersonal” it is when you waste your money buying something that your loved one doesn’t like. Then the process of returning or exchanging the gift begins. Sometimes, “re-gifting” is the only available option. Buying bad gifts just creates a mess.

Let’s not forget the entire act that needs to be put on. “No, really I like it!” How many times have you had to say that with a straight face? Let’s just be honest with ourselves. We all can’t get it right all of the time. Gift cards are excellent gifts because they guarantee the recipients that they’ll be able to buy exactly what they want. When shoppers can’t figure out what to buy their loved ones, they should at least know what stores their loved ones would shop at, right?

On Gizmodo.com, Brian Barrett claims that gifts cards are far from impersonal. In fact, “a gift card is the most personal present there is,” he writes, “It\’s the gift of freedom to buy whatever you want, whenever you want it. It\’s the gift that says ‘we\’re good enough friends/relatives/acquaintances that we don\’t have to force it.’ And there\’s a certain beauty in that.”

He goes on to note that gift cards are more “personal” than cash. If you’re really looking to go the “impersonal” route, then there’s nothing like cold hard cash to communicate that you really couldn’t be bothered to put much effort behind your gift-giving skills. A gift card, at the very least, acknowledges that you know what the recipient likes. Seriously, how hard is it to know what places your dad, for example, likes to shop from the most?

In our last blog, we discussed the many reasons why your dad would love a gift card for Father’s Day this Sunday. From electronics to tools to restaurant meals to sporting goods and everything in between can all make for great Father’s Day gifts. Your best bet, however, is to let dad choose for himself what he wants from any of those many great choices. “Gift cards are…brimming with possibility,” says Barrett, “and the guarantee that (the recipient will) end up with something (he or) she loves.”

They also make for the perfect last minute gifts, Barrett points out. Let’s be honest. We all have busy schedules. And most often, buying a gift card has absolutely nothing to do with not putting thought into a gift. It simply has everything to do with not having enough time to locate the perfect gift. People who receive gift cards as gifts understand that. Has anyone ever returned a gift card? We can’t imagine it.

The popularity of gift cards should not be lost on any business owner. No matter how big or small your company is, it can definitely benefit from selling gift cards. They have long been known to bring new customers into your store looking to make purchases. And history has shown that those who make purchases with gift cards end up spending more than the value of the cards!

If you’re not yet selling gift cards at your store, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884. It’s time to give customers what they really want. And what they really want is an easy way to make their loved ones happy when it comes time to celebrate special occasions. With Father’s Day taking place this Sunday, you can bet that countless gift cards will be handed out. Will your business be benefitting from it?

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