Why Is Summer A Great Season For Selling Gift Cards?

\"saleIt is often assumed that gift cards are especially popular during the end-of-year holiday season. And while there is a lot of truth to that, there is no truth to the idea that gift cards aren’t popular all year round. In fact, with so many special occasions taking place throughout each year -birthdays, anniversaries, graduations etc. – it only makes sense to offer customers gift cards all the time.

“Gift cards are a popular holiday gift and that popularity is only increasing,” reports Karen Deckard of Retail Management Solutions, “But if you’re only paying attention to gift cards from October through December, and ignoring them the remaining 10 months out of every year, you’re missing out on a big opportunity for sales in your pharmacy.” Of course, gift cards aren’t only sold in pharmacies. Retailers of all kinds have opportunities to cash in on the popularity of gift cards. And this summer will provide the perfect opportunity to start, if you haven’t yet.

Why is the summer an especially good time to sell gift cards? Consider all of the events that take place during the summer. Excellent weather is often reason enough for people to throw barbeques, pool parties and the like. And quite often, attendees feel the need to bring gifts. Not everyone knows exactly what the hosts of the parties they attend enjoy. Should they bring wine, cheese, bread, salad or cake?

Gift cards take away the often-hard-to-make decisions about how to thank a party-thrower for an invitation. This is why there is no shortage of the type of gift cards that can be sold. No matter your industry type, there is a reason to offer the buying public the opportunity to buy gift cards from your brand. On SmallBusinessBranding.com, Tommy Jarnac explains that gift cards offer personalization and diversification.

“Gift certificates are usually given for special occasions: birthday, Christmas, graduation etc., “ he explains, “Make sure that you have a wide array of gift certificates so that you can accommodate all gifting desires. Having unique designs and personalization options like space to write a personal message helps. You can also have designs that appeal to corporate customers, so that you don’t miss potential sales.”

What is the most popular reason people buy gift cards? With so many different reasons that gift cards make the perfect gifts, it may be hard to land on one. Again, it’s important to remember that the end-of-year holidays aren’t the only times when they are sold. “Despite what you might think, birthdays are actually the most popular reason people buy gift cards,” insists Deckard, “This makes stocking store branded gift cards a year round necessity.”

If you’re yet to sell gift cards in your store, don’t let this summer go by without you cashing in on a trend that is only continuing to grow in popularity. There are a many different benefits of selling gift cards in your store including the fact that you’re bound to increase your customer base by welcoming new people into your store who were given the gift cards you sold as gifts. We’ll cover these benefits in our next two blogs. Be sure to check back for them this week!

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