Why It\’s A Great Time To Promote Your Online Store


In our last blog, we highlighted the fact that the holiday shopping season will be approaching faster than you may realize. In fact, many holiday shoppers get going in October. That means you should immediately consider various ways to promote your store in an effort to entice holiday shoppers to visit it in the coming weeks. One sure bet, as our last blog detailed, is to advertise your gift cards.

However, it’s important to never forget that, as popular as your brick and mortar store is bound to be this forthcoming holiday shopping season, your online store is about to experience a major spike in sales too. Or is it? Don’t take for granted that, just because online shopping spikes during the holidays, your store will automatically enjoy extra business. Now is also a great time to begin promoting your online store!

Re-design your homepage with a holiday theme.

Is your online store a go-to destination for online shoppers? One way to ensure that the answer to that question is a resounding “yes” is to communicate to visitors that it caters to their holiday shopping needs. An immediate display of holiday imagery is a guaranteed method of successfully communicating that message.

“Most consumers start their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, having your own holiday theme needs to be planned ahead and kicked-off by early November,” informs Alice on Beeketing.com, “With a special landing page for festive offers, it’s your chance to introduce all holiday-hot-sales items with good deals, and delight customers. This way, you additionally pick up SEO benefits when people search for hot-trend keywords these days: holiday, sales, deals, offers, discount, coupon, etc.”

Offer limited time coupons or discounts.

Remember that the holiday shopping season is a time of year when most consumers are at their savviest. Looking for discounts and deals is as much a part of the holiday season as egg nog, snowmen and ugly sweaters. Offer up limited time coupons and discounts that your online shoppers can only make use of when they visit your online store.

“Urgency is a powerful psychological marketing tactic for eCommerce stores as it accelerates a customer’s purchase decision and reduces the chance that they will leave your site without buying,” advises Will Blunt on Shortstack.com, “An effective way to elicit urgency is by offering coupons or discounts which are only available for a limited time.”

Film a fun and exciting holiday video.

In today’s world, there are few advertising initiatives that gain greater attention than videos. The explosion of success enjoyed by such websites and apps as YouTube and Instagram are proof of that. Film a fun and friendly holiday video and be sure to display it on your social media accounts. The interest it gains will help drive traffic to your website.

“Video is now the new trend for content marketing, which can bring you massive results thanks to organic reach or viral effect if it’s catchy enough,” writes Alice, “Let’s create a themed video about your business – better if it’s holiday focused, but totally fine if it’s not (then you can use the video all year round). Share it using your social media channels, post it on your ‘About’ page, use it in your signature, and show your customers how fun and trustable your business is.”

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