Wireless Is The Way For Food Delivery Businesses

\"delivery-fees\"“So I order a pizza last night,” commented a friend of Canadian POS Corporation earlier this week, “I hadn’t in a long time, so honestly I didn’t know how their payment options worked. I mean, I’ve paid with a credit card over the phone before but they used to ask for the credit card number. They didn’t this time. When the pizza came, the guy had a wireless terminal. I just punched in my PIN at my doorstep, it was so easy!”

Just a couple of short weeks ago, we blogged about the importance of accepting credit and debit cards with wireless terminals in restaurants. The food delivery business, however, is arguably the best example of just how important it is for the food industry to make use of such an amazing technology. Wireless terminals, you see, are not just for use inside the restaurant.

“I send my delivery people along with the terminal,” commented one of our most recent clients, “It makes things so much easier. We don’t take credit card information over the phone. Many people are uncomfortable with that. We just take the machine to their doors and they punch in their info and that’s it. The transaction happens right away, we don’t have to wait for anything.”

In the past, delivery personnel would have to return to the restaurant location with a slip of paper containing the customer’s credit card information and signature. This is not unlike how it used to work in most restaurants that accepted credit and debit cards. The old process meant that the business would have a delay in the transaction actually going through.

They had to wait, of course, for the delivery person to return to the restaurant to then put the charge through. With wireless terminals, there is no delay. Once the transaction is completed by the customer, he or she gets a receipt and the business gets its money. If you own a food-based business that offers delivery, wouldn’t you want your transactions to happen just as quickly?

In addition to getting your money faster than ever, it’s important to remember the convenience that you are providing your customer. This is something that we’ve blogged about extensively since the inception of the Canadian POS Corporation blog. Convenience is what arguably matters the most to customers – no matter what type of industry you are in.

Customers ordering food over the phone or online love not having to divulge their credit card information. They love being able to simply punch in a PIN code at their doorsteps and receiving official receipts right away. The convenience you provide your customers is what makes them want to keep ordering from you time and time again. That, and hopefully the delicious food you sell!

As we’ve mentioned in the past, the benefits of using wireless terminals are many. It’s time that your business gets in on the action. At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer our clients wireless terminals through our new Ingenico Telium2 product line. Give us a call at 1-877-748-2884 to learn more about these wireless terminals and how we can set you up with one of your own within three days!

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