Wireless Terminals Reduce Wait Times

\"dinnerConvenience is everything. At least, it certainly appears that way when it comes to the customer experience. In 2015, people are used to getting the things they want quickly. Take information, for example. Within seconds and a few button clicks and screen swipes, people are able to locate just about anything they want to know via the internet on their smart phones. We live in a world where waiting isn’t always necessary. So it isn’t always tolerated!

It’s important to keep this in mind when running your business. People don’t like to wait. It’s a simple fact. So how can you reduce the amount of time your customers are waiting? Consider the type of business you have. Are there generally long line-ups at your checkout counters? Do you have a waiting area where customers are required to spend time? If so, there are some things you should do to speed along the process.

It just so happens that utilizing wireless terminals is one of the best ways to reduce wait times. Firstly, consider the fact that wireless terminals allow your employees to bring the point-of-sale directly to your customers. That way, you don’t necessarily have to have line-ups in your store. Imagine having your sales staff walk around your store with your wireless terminals informing customers that they don’t have to wait in line.

If you ask us, it’s a revolutionary approach to retail sales that we haven’t seen implemented all that often. Wireless terminals are widely popular, however, in restaurants. And it makes complete sense for restaurant owners to use them. Firstly, they eliminate fear of fraud since patrons no longer have to relinquish their credit cards to waiters. Instead, waiters bring the terminals to the tables and the transactions are done right there and then.

Secondly, this increases your wait staff’s productivity. By having faster payment processes, they are able to turnover tables at quicker speeds. This inevitably allows you to seat more customers, decreasing wait times and pleasing more of your restaurant’s visitors. Naturally, this leads to an increase in revenue. The more people you seat, the more money you make! Is there really a downside to using wireless terminals?

Consider that summer is on its way. In other words, patio season will soon be upon us! Making customers get up from their tables to enter restaurants to make payments takes away from all of the fun of sitting outside on a nice day. Today, restaurant patrons can spend their entire visits not having to get up from their seats. The more enjoyable the experience, the better your restaurant’s reputation will be. And the summer time is the perfect time to grow that reputation!

Remember, convenience is everything. When you use wireless terminals, you are providing a convenience to your customers that saves them both time and energy. And it’s that “time” thing that’s ever-so-important. Again, people hate waiting. When you offer a payment option that eliminates waiting time, you’re well on your way to increasing your brand’s reputation as a top provider of convenience

At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer Wireless and Pay-At-Table solutions. We have the perfect wireless POS terminal for you, no matter the type of business you own. It isn’t just restaurant owners who benefit from using these amazing devices. Give us a call today by dialing 1-877-748-2884 and learn more about the ways our wireless terminals can help your business to reduce wait time, improve customer service and increase sales.

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