Wireless Terminals Work Wonders For Restaurants

\"WaiterGoing to restaurants can be a lot of fun. People don’t just visit restaurants for the food, but they do so for the atmosphere as well. Eateries are top-choice locations for dates, birthdays, anniversaries and other types of celebrations and get-togethers. So, it should go without saying that restaurant owners have a duty to present their customers with enjoyable experiences. Again, it goes way beyond serving delicious food – although that is incredibly important as well.

Part of making the entire restaurant-visiting experience an enjoyable one is ensuring that paying for meals is made easy. While low prices would be nice, offering customers quick and easy payment methods help for them to enjoy the dining experience all the more. With wireless terminals, restaurant owners are able to secure payments very conveniently – for both the customers and the servers.

Wireless terminals allow for servers to bring the point of payment directly to the table where the customers are eating. No longer do patrons have to relinquish their credit or debit cards to their servers. Now that they can make their payments at the table, it allows for much greater peace of mind. Keeping their cards in their possession for the entire visit ensures that there is no possibility of fraud.

Allows for more convenience. People love the convenience of not having to get out of their seats. Some restaurants have been known to ask customers to make payments at the cash registers located in other areas of the establishments. This disrupts the enjoyment of the dining experience. With a wireless terminal, customers enjoy the convenience of remaining in the comfort of their booths or chairs.

Great for deliveries. Utilizing wireless terminals to take payments at your restaurant also works when you are taking payments outside of your restaurant. It makes delivering your food so much more of a desirable process. Your delivery personnel can bring the terminals directly to the doorsteps of your customers. This allows for great flexibility in how your customers pay for their meals. Not to mention, it helps you to keep track of all of your food deliveries.

Excellent for accounting. Speaking of keeping track, wireless terminals guarantee you the ability to avoid postponing payments. In the past, delivery personnel used to have to wait until they returned to their restaurants in order to complete their delivery transactions. With wireless terminals, the transactions are completed on the spot. The timely receipt of your money is a big benefit for your business.

At Canadian POS Corporation, we have two types of wireless terminal that we are especially proud of. The Ingenico Telium2 iWL250G is an all-in-one mobile solution with a compact ergonomic design that provides easy transport and a long-life battery. It supports a full range of payment types including, credit, debit and gift cards through a very easy-to-use solution. As well, it’s ready for the acceptance of secure EMV “chip” cards.

The Ingenico iWL220B is especially popular among restaurant owners. It’s the perfect terminal for any environment where you need to bring the point of payment directly to your customers. It incorporates all of the features of the Ingenico Telium2 iWL250G including Contactless technology. For more information on these great wireless terminals, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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