Would You Like To See Your Business Advertised On Public Transit?


If you’re looking for access to hundreds of thousands of people a day, you may want to consider advertising your business using your city’s public transit system. Consider the fact that people take buses, subways and streetcars all over the place each and every day. This gives you excellent opportunities to regularly expose your business to a large and varied audience.

Transit riders are subject to “moving billboards” on a daily basis.

Anyone who has ever taken the bus knows this. However, you certainly don’t have to take public transit to see these moving billboards. There are large signs located on the sides of all buses and streetcars. These are called “king and queen signs”. They are the largest forms of advertising on public transit vehicles. They are visible to everyone – pre-boarded riders, drivers and pedestrians!

What other forms of public transit advertising are there?

You can also find advertisements on the backs of buses. These are known as “tail signs”. Anyone driving behind a bus is subject to this form of advertising. Naturally, pedestrians are also privy to both king and queen signs and tail signs. And, of course, for those who do choose to take public transit, there are always a bunch of smaller advertisements that can be seen inside the vehicles.

These are referred to as “interior cards”. They line the tops of the bus, subway and streetcar windows. You’ll also often see these ads as posters on the divider wall behind the bus driver. The way we see it, using public transit to advertise your business gives you one of the best possible chances to reach a widespread consumer base in your city. Because your ads keep moving around the city, you’ll be able to regularly connect with a pretty large demographic of people.

Where else can public transit advertising be spotted?

As you’re likely aware, there are many locations to place your ads all over your city via its public transit system. Subway stations and bus shelters are known for their large poster ads. Both riders and casual passers-by catch glimpses of these types of ads each and every day. Who hasn’t stood in a bus shelter and read the entire ad plastered in front of them?

What advantages does public transit advertising give you over other marketing choices?

Well, if you think about it…there’s no way to turn it off! Unlike online ads, which are often skipped, paused or ignored, public transit advertising is representative of billboards that you can’t ignore. Most often, they stare people in their faces for hours on end. Both riders and drivers alike can’t help but view these advertisements as they are often looked upon as ways to pass time.

What will it cost to use public transit to advertise?

That, of course, depends on the public transit system in your city. Business owners operating in the Greater Toronto Area should take a look at this page to learn more about how to advertise with the TTC. One thing is for sure though – it is very likely that you’ll need to get your hands on some substantial financing in order to afford the launch of your public transit marketing campaign.

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